To See or Not To See

Life walk with Marlene

What’s your greatest fear, my friend? Mine used to be that I would become a widow… until a friend observed how blessed I was that my in-laws lived up to their 90’s. She opened my eyes to the possibility that hubby would live a long life coz of his genes. I’m not saying that being a widow is no longer a concern. I’m saying that I will no longer worry or be afraid of it.

Recently, I have dry eyes syndrome. My eyes, alternately and intermittently, the left and the right, hurt or feel discomfort. My dad had glaucoma. He discovered it when he was still living in Manila. He had his ophthalmologist friend diagnose and take care of it, checking eye pressure regularly, prescribing eye drops to alleviate the symptoms. There’s no cure for glaucoma. You can only slow down the condition from becoming worse.

The damage caused by…

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