Ways to Stop Brain Inflammation

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Brain inflammation can be caused by inflammation in the body, such as from chronic joint pain, infections, leaky gut or gut inflammation, or an unmanaged autoimmune condition. Inflammation in the body releases immune cells called cytokines that activate inflammation in the brain. One of the biggest risks to triggering brain inflammation is a leaky blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier is a thin lining that surrounds the brain and is designed to allow only nano-sized particles in or out as needed.

Here are few ways to stop brain inflammation :

Eat Fat
– Fat as a bad reputation.
– Eat the right kinds of fat, omega 3 fats.
– Low fat dangers.
– Vitamins are fat – A,D,E,K and Omega (Fatty Foods).

Minimise Excessive Carbs
– Standard American Diet is 60% plus carbs.
– Aim for 30-40% carbs.
– Causes sugar coating of your hormones and proteins
– Can contribute to…

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