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My Book: “About” by Oneanna65 is now available as an e-Book that you may purchase below as an immediate download in PDF or Kindle format.


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If you are looking perfect book about perfect life- you don’t want my book, because my life and my book are very far from perfection.

My book is about how I have survived my childhood and the rest of my life by believing that God will save me one more time.

I wrote this book not because I’m a writer and I wanted to be published author, but because I have to…. Because I wanted to inspire someone, change someone’s life for the better, maybe save a life…

You see, if my life is in danger I always believe that God wants me to survive, nothing can destroy me. But if is my time to die, nothing can save me.

I have survived my childhood and the rest of my life by simply believing that I could. I have never lost hope. Never.


My book is an extension to this blog; and my blog is an extension to my book.

Thank you so much!

34 thoughts on “My Book

  1. Anna, I (64) too am a survivor of a pathological and pathogenic childhood, as is a high percentage of our age cohort. WW II did little to provide a secure and serene backdrop to our parents’ youth, and most of us Boomers grew up with upheaval. I have some limiting autoimmune conditions, but thankfully, so far no cancer.

    God has provided each of us with exactly the spirit to meet the blessings and the challenges he has prepared for us. Whatever providence comes our way, we know it is for our sanctification and ultimately for our good.

    God keep you and continue to bless you mightily, compañera.

  2. “You see, if my life is in danger I always believe that God wants me to survive, nothing can destroy me. But if is my time to die, nothing can save me.” What a thought provoking statement! And it speaks so clearly of life lived in joy, one day at a time. Nicely expressed.

  3. Thanks for liking my blog. It’s great to meet another author. Writing a book is very rewarding and also brings healing to painful experiences. It’s encouraging to others as well who are going through similar situations. I thank God for using my story to inspire others in some small way. It sounds like you have an awesome testimony of His healing power. God bless you!

  4. Hello Anna, I read your post humor about my tumor and I felt all the emotions as when I read Oscar and the lady in pink by Emanuel Schmitt.
    I would like to ask your permission to translate at least that post and read it to my mother in Greek.
    Also I would like to personally invite you to scroll through my blog even though you have already paid one of my posts a visit.
    Take care,

  5. thanks for peeking at blog post “Outside Inside Out.” I just retired from a career in nursing so was fascinated as I read through some of your blogs. I have seen as many responses to illness as there are people, but you take the cake!
    You are beyond positive, you are challenging yet balance that still with a belief in destiny or fate that few of my familiars understand. It is a good work you are doing.

  6. Hi and thanks for contacting me via my blog. What an amazing story! I’m 72 and going very strong I’ve never had cancer, but have supported my husband of 40 years through 2 bouts with cancer, an ankle replacement and other illnesses. He’s 62. My childhood, like yours, was difficult, and I’ve also written about it. It’s made me stronger. I wish for you many happy healthy years to come. XOXO Anne

  7. Hi oneanna65! Thanks for hitting like for my “Weekend” post. I hope everything’s well and better with you! God bless you and continue to be an inspiration!☺️

  8. “I always believe that God wants me to survive, nothing can destroy me. But if is my time to die, nothing can save me.” Very true, Oneanna — the lives of all men rest in the hands of God. He created and sustains us all. May he bless you with a long life of service to Him!

  9. Wonderful explanation about both your blog and book together. I loved it ! Thank you for liking my post about meditation (I wish you really take a chance on practicing it if you aren’t doing already) because that brought me here to your blog. I always take the time to visit all of those who like any of my posts. Have a wonderful day!

  10. I love your reasons for writing your book and I love what you said about when when God wants you to survive, nothing can destroy you and if it your time to die than nothing can save you. That is so beautiful. Awesome. I bet your book is awesome too. Thank you for your posts.

  11. Thanks for liking my blog. What a great motive for writing a book — to inspire others. I trust God will honour that. He always looks at the heart, and in you He sees a giving, trusting heart judging by your writing.

  12. Hi and thanks for reading, viewing and liking my site. Means a lot to me and I know I’m going to get a lot out of your site as well. My husband was diagnosed with MDS, a blood disease that attacks the bone marrow and its red and white blood cells and platelets. He was diagnosed last November, the week after our Thanksgiving. He has had it rough as his mom wound up passing from having had Stage 4 Lung Cancer and he was at her side each and every day til her time here was done. So I can relate my dear. I have heard of this gentleman you talk about and I have also heard of that book. I am waiting for it to become available on a site I go to,, and will purchase it to read. Seems pricey even on this second-hand book site but I will keep waiting. And, as soon as I can figure out how to follow you, know that I will. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

  13. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my light humored post on my garden. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I wish you all the best.

  14. You liked my article about J.Selby’s, so I came to thank you and look at your site, but Dearheart where did you get the picture on the cover of your book, huh? I’d like a response, if you don’t mind. There is a place to comment that is private on my site, and feel free to take this down. B.

  15. Such an inspirational blog! You are definitely impacting lives. I can relate to you because I had a family member die of cancer. Just remember, God is on our side. Keep living life to the fullest.

    -The Lupine
    (I chose this as my blog’s title because the lupine flower symbolizes inner strength and finding a positive outlook on life.)

  16. Thanks for the like at I pray that whatever you are going through now, you will feel God’s presence with you. He always has time to listen and to act on your behalf. Laura

  17. Thank you for your like on Truely your story and writing style inspires me a lot. To be honest i have seen the devastation brought my cancer and experienced it first hand. Stories like yours is what makes us look past all the sorrow and keep moving forward. Thank you for being such a huge inspiration to us all

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