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According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, Contentment is defined as the state of being happy and satisfied. I have come to notice that most of us haven’t put into consideration, contentment, as part of our makeup.

So many of us are trying so hard to get everything good and should-have, that the society paints to be good and should-have. Name it – wealth, power, class, position, influence, education, etc. I’m not in any manner saying that the aforementioned list is bad to accrue, all I’m just saying is that have we really stopped to ask ourselves what we really need. Why do we need to possess all the whole wealth? What are we to going to use it to do? Why should we go…

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One thought on “CONTENTMENT

  1. I love this post! And I so agree! We can often get lost trying so hard to collect material and fleshly things that we lose sight of ourselves and of God. And I hate to admit, but I’ve been guilty of it too. The thing is that when we die, none of those things will even matter. You can’t take it with you. Thank you for posting.

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