My 66-th Birthday!

It’s my Birthday again! Happy Birthday to me!
A year ago I have published “My 65-th Birthday” post on April 6-th. But my Birthday is on April 4-th. It took me two days to post it. ๐Ÿ™‚ !!! My apology.
So here is my Birthday again and I’m alive, happy and very proud of myself that I have survived other 365 days, or 8.760 hours, or many, many minutes.
I’m so very happy, that I want to dance all over the place, but I can’t, because of my aching joints. Oh well, some day soon I’m going to be pain free.
My life is maybe not so very rosy right now, but hey, any day something great may happen to me.
Only my Blog is doing very well. I’m able to keep inspiring many. Oh well, but that’s not me, my Angels. Thank you Angels!!!
I was going to change my user name to oneanna66, but I decided not to. This way I’m going to be oneanna65 for as long as I live. And with a little touch of Dementia in the far future, no one will be able to convince me that I’m not 65 years old even 20 years from now. ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!

I wish you all very happy Birthdays!!! Every Birthday is a celebration of life.

God Bless you all.


262 thoughts on “My 66-th Birthday!

  1. (: I absolutely love your blog and the fact that you blog. Have a great birthday(:
    Also, I just finished watching this documentary called Forks Over Knives. It basically talks about how plant-based diets are beneficial and help reverse negative diseases in the body. It is on Netflix (if you have Netflix) and you might like it. Anyway…have a great day:)

  2. A very, very happy birthday to you! You liked a post on my blog, so I wanted to check out your blog and say, “Hi.” And what do you know, it’s your birthday. What better day to get connected with someone new. Great blog here – hopefully I’ll be reading about your birthday on your blog again next year.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! I hope to God that I make it to where you have this week, and beyond. And, thank you for ‘liking’ my post on the Sequester Blues for cancer patients. God will give you many, many more!

  4. Thank you for your like on my most recent blog post – it’s always appreciated! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and I wish you well! It’s good to see that you are winning your fight (: Have many more happy years! God bless

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and liking my post, “To Quit or Not to Quit.” I can see you’re definitely not a quitter!!! Happy Birthday and many more!!!

  6. Hi there – thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking it. And a belated happy birthday! It must feel very powerful to have another year under your belt. May there be many more of them, lived out in strength and faith….
    Bless you.

  7. …and to think that some good day you’re gonna be living through eternity, young, beautiful, wildly happy and fulfilled with the God who made you and loves you forever and always. An eternity where no boredom exists and where life is truly worth living. Here’s to oneanna 65 always. May you find that lovely place in the heart of God for which you were designed to fill.

    Thanks for stopping by to like my post. Kisses to ya!

  8. Happy birthday and congratulations on another year above ground. I know about aching joints and sore muscles, but the way I figure it they are there to let me know I am still in the game and ready to play. See you on the playing field of life!

  9. What a blessing a birthday can be… especially to some of us who have been through the mill as they say. At least we are coming out the other side, not quite unscathed, but still… out alive. ๐Ÿ˜€ My joints hurt some too but it’s my medication…. I think I’m going to try some of that condroytin (however you spell it) You can be like me and just don’t get older, we’re just acquiring more experience…LOL Happy Birthday… late!

  10. Thank you for stopping by Good Christian Books! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope to have reviews of books that will appeal to lots of people ๐Ÿ™‚ May your year be blessed!
    In Christ and For His Glory, Faith

  11. An absolutely excellent post Anna, happy 66th! Congratulations for another year of life. Your idea re: keeping your user name at oneanna65 is great. I like the thought process behind it – keep taking care of you, Penny ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Life lived with love is a well-lived life. But a love without the Love — the Absolute One — will be meaningless and without that Future called Hope. All these because of that Faith. Everything because of Grace. Grace because of God, the one Love who loved us first. May God love you and make your next year(s) of life closer to Him (and his angels of course, especially your guardian angel). GrรผรŸe!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday! My dad turned 89 on April 4th! He was a 2 pound preemie with no hope of surviving ๐Ÿ™‚ And in 1924 there wasn’t any of the modern technology that we have now. I hope you had a beautiful day.

    1. Good to know you’re still so positive and a continuing source of inspiration to all of us. May love and prayers continue to strengthen and comfort you, just as you offer so much comfort to so many.

  14. Although this a belated Happy Birthday, please know it includes my wishing all the days following create even more smiles for you.. and Mahalo/Thank You for the smiles reading your posts create for me..

  15. Belated Happy 66th birthday, and many more!

    Thanks for liking some of my postsโ€” hopefully able to tolerate them.

    Keeping fighting the good fight.ย  (Against cancer, etc.)

  16. Happy Birthday!!! My husband will celebrate his 67th in a few days. He has been cancer free for 7 years now. Hope you will have the same story to tell. Thanks for liking my posts.

  17. Happy Birthday, Anna! I’m a little late, but wanted to chime in anyway. Also, congratulations on the new job. I’m sorry to hear you’re gouty, but like you said, I’m glad you can swing it so you don’t have to ask the ladies for help :). Good for you.

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy birthday for your 66th. Congratulations for keeping on going. I am not into gods or angels or any stuff like that, but modern medicine can only do what if can do and you have done another year. That’s pretty darn good :-).

    A big smile for you and eat whatever soup you fancy. I am nearly 70, am cancer free (so far) but am starting to feel my joints – especially my ankles – one of which I broke many decades ago together with my tibia and fibula (great names for cat siblings I think). One leg is shorter than the other so I try to wear built up inserts. But I love being barefoot. Problems but not with my hips.

    Both wrists have been broken and set. They hurt a bit sometimes. But I love gardening and cooking. Whatcha gonna do? Got to use your limbs and joints.

    Good on you – I look forward to wishing you a happy 67th ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. Happy Birthday, even if it’s a little late. You do inspire many people, myself included. I love your spirit. Keep it up and I hope you keep going strong for many years to come.

  20. Happy Birthday to you! My birthday is also April 4-th. I turned 58 and have no embarrassment or shame regarding my age, happy to be alive, to be able to share and to love. May there be many many more for you in good health and well being. Rick.

  21. Hello Ma’am! When I clicked on Oneanna65, I was directed to your blog on your 65th birthday. I’m so glad to read another one regarding your 66th birthday! It’s my birthday today and you just inspired me. We should not forget to give thanks for all the blessings that we receive each day. Belated Happy Birthday Oneanna65 (April 4th). I wish you more birthdays to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Love your rosy attitude. Have joint pains too but who cares. Happy Birthday and Happy Unbirthday every other day. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you will visit often. Let the light shine for all of us and let’s all do a small act of kindness for one person, pass it on.

  23. Hi, I read some of your posts and think they are really inspiring. I am lucky enough to be married to my amazing wife who at 27yo is fighting very aggressive breast cancer. This really has turned our young family life on its head, but strangely has also generated a lot of positives. Like yourself her aim is to help other women through the fight, only using her camera to visualise what it can be like. See her story on

    Anyway, keep up the good work and enjoy life!

    Cheers, Rogier

  24. Of course you really will be 65 for the rest of your life–in addition to the year you add each year. None of those new years cancels out that first 65. So you are nomenclaturally correct, my dear. Happy birthday, Anna. I will soon join you in the 66th year of our lives. Life just keeps getting better, and the writing helps, doesn’t it?

  25. Congratulations to you and to many more superbly happy and healthy birth days ahead! Happy “65th” to you! Make sure to indulge in a slice or two of decadent chocolate cake…
    Take care,
    Paul : )

  26. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY …. !!!!
    May you days be filled with joy and happiness.
    May you always have a smile to shine on your face.
    May you know that love is around you.
    May you continue to be a bright and shining star.
    Blessings to you ….

  27. A very Happy Birthday to you. My birthday was April 30th, and I also turned 66, so we have something beside our age in common. I have never had cancer, but 3 of my grandparents and my father all died of cancer (different kinds, my father from malignant brain tumor cancer, one grandparent from stomach cancer and another from prostate cancer). I wish you the very best in life and God’s richest blessings on your life and continued health. And thank you too for ‘liking’ my blog and following me.

  28. Happy birthday to you Oneanna, and thanks for liking my blog, so that I found yours. It is very inspiring to see how you face every day with creativity and so much positivity. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

  29. Wow – another B-day for all of us is a celebration. Some don’t really appreciate the gift we get every day. Be here now and enjoy what you see around you every moment. Like a Baby Crow crying. Thanx for visiting my blog.

  30. First, please let me say to you, happy birthday. Then, well, I understand the joints. Me too. No big deal. I mean, since my darlling Aileen died of liver cancer in 2010, I have a different view of life. I tend to believe that God is not really that out of touch with us. And I think that God expects our bodies to wear out. Sort of like an old car. It doesn’t matter if the wheels are off, and tthe windshield cracked. All you have to do is push the car onto the lot. (warm smile). Please know this. When things might seem a bit dark. Just look to the shores of Lake Erie. And you’ll see me, and my darling Aileen, my Leen, always waving to you, as your friends. Aileen and I used to have a saying… And I guess I still do. You never learn anything much from something that is easy. It’s only when things are really hard, and you have to give your all to get there, that you learn the most. I send you good energy and high hopes for happiness, health and all good things always…

  31. Well first of all I’ll add my Birthday wishes to the rest. So Happy Birthday and thank you for coming by my blogg.. However you are still two years younger than me, which makes you the baby.
    I have just written a book called ‘Dark Clouds Rising’ and it is on sale through or on Amazon in six weeks time. Its about a young lady who travels from the Outer Hebredes to Norway in order to find her heritage and her amazing skills as a sharman with her crystals. A good read.

  32. A very happy birthday wish from an almost 65 year old. My birthday is next month. i know what you mean about achy joints. I exercise daily to keep the osteo arthritis at bay but feel good! Thank God. Blessings!

  33. thanks for the like on Woof Woof. I’m having my 67’th in November. I look forward to spending some time on your blog. Have a wonderful day.

  34. thanks for looking at my blog. It is always good to find someone writing about what is happening to them as it happens. My blog started out that way, as a coping tool for the sudden difficult changes in my parents. viva la blogs!

  35. Just wanted to sayhank you for stopping by my blog! You are incredibly inspirational, and I wish you all the best for the years ahead (I hope that you have many, and that they are good ones!)

  36. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Although so late. I turned 67 in March, but my brain tells me I’m not old. Too bad my body doesn’t tell me the same thing, but I can still hold onto my 125 lb German Shep when walking him. So to me that is an amazing feat for my age.

  37. Congratulations on your 66th birthday. May this be the happiest, healthiest year yet.

    As for achy joints — have you tried Joint Advantage Gold? It’s incredible Actually rebuilds knee cartilage, as well as reducing inflammation and pain. (Pain starts to go away in as little as 7 days.) And it’s all natural — it’s not a drug. Might be worth trying, if achy joints are keeping you from dancing!!

  38. I just stumbled on your blog. Happy Birthday and I was tickled by your blog. That’s a word my grandmother used in the South.

  39. Doctors do their damnedest to the cancer at retirement age for their own naked greed. One session of HIUS ultrasound cures all the diseases of age. 150 Watts 40 kHz ultrasound

  40. I missed your B-day, but I will try and get a couple extra Angels sent your way. A little help never does any harm. Enjoy the day.

    God’s blessing as well.

  41. Hi! I just discovered your blog when you liked one of my posts. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well! I’m a cancer survivor myself and guess what? my birthday also happens to be April 4th. Happy very belated birthday and many more to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. My dear, thank you so much for reading my blog about my mother’s story.
    I have been reading some of your own. 66 yrs young. Do you know about power numbers? Multiples of 11! Maybe google Manly P. Hall for info. Have you heard off Louise Hay. She has a theory of dris-ease being first created by our thoughts. Have you looked back at what was happening in your life when your body began to cause you trouble? There is more to ptsd than we know. I love that you are guided by angels. I know they have watched over me close my whole life, and I’ve had one disguised in a red heeler dog body for 14 years. Have you read Doreen Virtue? I’m a Lavender farmer in Montana and would love to send you some Lavender. Email me your address
    See my board about my dog/angel.
    I wish you peace and healing.

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