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I’m waiting.

I got no internet yet. I’m waiting. I’m posting this from my friend’s house in a snowstorm. I have to work 7 days a week but sometimes I can go out for a few hours! GREAT!!!
You see I told the old lady (she’s 20 years older than me, so she’s old – I’m not :) ) and I told her relatives during the interview that internet is very important to me. And I will pay for it. But they were very slow with helping me to get connected. They probably thought there is no rush, why can be so important for an average older woman, housekeeper, to get internet? They don’t know that I’m not average. I never was and I am not planning to be an average never :) How could I explain to those people that I am not only housekeeper but also wordpress queen of inspiration on the mission to save some lives. :) And that my blog and internet connections means more to me than anything else. And this always waiting got on my nerves so on 25 February I told the old lady “it looks to me that I can’t get internet connection here so I will have to go somewhere else” and I wasn’t bluffing. DON’T GO DON’T GO, I NEED YOU she said with the tears in her eyes. So I said I want to stay here with you, I really like it here and you are nice lady but as I told your family two weeks ago internet is very important to me. And I need some help with that. So she called her nephew and he called me back two hours later and said on March 5, someone will come to the house and install the internet for you. It will cost $218 for installation and $19 a month. So I said that’s fine with me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

So this is how is goes sometimes, you have to slam your shoe on the table to get some attention. :) Anyway, I hate to be ignored. So now I have to wait 4 more days and I can start blogging again. Read some blogs, send some likes and smiley faces to the cyberspace.

Thank you all for your patience, God bless you all.


My healthy addiction.

To tell you the truth, I’m getting tired of cooking and eating those healthy soups. And on the top of it I’m so busy lately that I don’t even have the time to cook anymore. So I was searching frantically for other, easier way to get my healthy nutrients. And I found it! —ENSURE – NUTRITION SHAKE – TO HELP GET STRONG ON THE INSIDE – COMPLETE, BALANCED NUTRITION – # 1 DOCTOR RECOMENDED BRAND – 8 FL. OZ – VANILLA OR THE OTHER FLAVORS. Great! This shake has lot more good stuff in it, than my soup. And how very convenient! And honestly, I like the taste of it. Of course, I have to eat some food beside this, but one or two shakes on a busy day will keep me going. I have to stay in shape, just for the case if “MR. UGLY” (cancer) will decide to invite me some day to some Arm Wrestling Match……. or something……  You never know. This Monster is very sneaky.

My friend told me: “You are going to get fat drinking this stuff”. So I told her: “I’m going to worry about this WHEN or IF I get fat”.

And my neighbor said: “How do you know if this stuff is doing you any good?” And I told him: “Hey, I’m alive, no?”

And my other friend told me: “You look good, you don’t need this stuff”. And I told him: “I look good, because I’m drinking this stuff”.

Some people are so very skeptical……. Try it for yourself. Maybe you can skip one not so very healthy meal a day and enjoy something “good for you and easy”. Cheers!

My 65-th Birthday.

Today is my birthday. I’m 65 years old. Happy birthday to me! And I’m celebrating 65 years of my immortality. Yeah! 65 years!

That’s: 780 months, 3380 weeks, 23660 days, 567840 hours, or many, many minutes.

Basicaly, if I think about this, i could have died any time, any day of my life, 23660 times in those 65 years, but I’m still alive and O.K.

This makes me very happy and proud of myself. And this is a reason for celebration.

I’m a survivor! I have survived 65 years of living and cancer.

I Google: How long does the average person lives? And I got the answer: About 80 – 100 years if nothing happens to them. Yeah. That’s very interesting. Because  as we all know, life is dangerous. …..Risk never sleeps….. From the minute we wake-up (if we wake-up), anything can happen to us.

I’m planning to live other 5 years. I’m sure, I can do it. How? – One day at a time. What I’m planning to do? Just simple stuff: working,reading, writing, keep eating healthy foods, enjoying every day and thanking GOD every day for all the blessings. 5 years, that’s 43800 hours. That’s lots of time. But I have to remember that those hours (or minutes!) can fly by very fast. So I’m going to try every day to do something good, meaningful. 1825 good deeds. It can be done.

And I’m not saying that I’m going to live 5 more years. What I’m saying, that I’m going to do some more planning when I’m 70 years old.

My life is like driving a limo in very bad weather: IF ANYBODY CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT.

And if anybody ask me: How old are you? I’m going to tell them: I’m over 50. But how much over 50, is not anybodys business. Anyway, not everybody can understand, that I’m 65 years old, fighting cancer every day and I’m so cheerful.


About symptoms.

Knowing cancer symptoms is very important,becase early detection saves lives.

According to Webster’s Dictionary: symptom – in medicine, means any condition accompanying or resulting from a disease and serving as an aid in diagnosis; a perceptible change in the body or its functions which indicates disease.

Years ago I didin’t pay to much attention to cancer symtoms. I was young, healthy. But I learn my leson and I know now how important is to listen to my body and investigate what my body is telling me.

Here are the basic symptoms of the basic cancers:

- Bladder cancer – pain in abdomen, blood in urine.

-Bone cancer – pain, swelling, fractures, weight loss, nausea, weakness.

- Brain cancer – headaches, dizzines, vision and memory problems, fatigue, weight loss, nausea.

- Breast cancer – lumps in the breast, swollen lymph nodes, discharge from the nipple.

- Colorectal cancer – blood in stools, abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea or constipation, loss of appetite, fatigue.

- Kidney cancer – blood in urine, back pain.

- Leukemia – paleness, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, pain in bones, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats.

- Lung cancer – persistent cough, whizzing, pain in the chest, blood in the sputum, enlarge lymph nodes.

- Melanoma – bumps in the skin, changes in the mole, easy bleeding.

- Non-Hodgkings lymphoma – swelling in the lymph nodes, neck, groin, under arm, fatigue, fever, weight loss, bone pain.

- Oral cancer – any lump in the mouth, pain, bleeding, ulcers.

- Ovarian cancer – abdominal pain, swelling, vaginal bleeding.

- Pancreatic cancer – abdominal swelling, pain, weight loss, back pain, yellowish skin color.

- Prostate cancer – back pain, pain in the pelvis, frequent urinating, pain, blood in urine.

- Stomach cancer – vomiting blood o or blood in the stool, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, loss of apetite.

- Uterine cancer – pain in the pelvic area, bleeding, painfull urination, pain during intercourse.

Learn more. Do your own research. But always think positive, eat healthy. Reduce your cancer risk.

I want to tell you how I’m dealing with symptoms:

- Day one – I have a headache,

- Day two – I have a lover back pain,

- Day three – My headache is gone. I have a pain in my left arm.

- Day four – I’m feeling very, very tired.

- Day five – I’m feeling fine today. All pain is gone.

                    DIAGNOSIS: I’M GETTING OLD……………

I’m done!!!

With my book only. :) .
My friend is working now on the publishing part of it.
The book is going to be published soon.
I’m so happy! I did it!

I need some rest now.
My health needs some attention.
I have some cancer like symptoms.
My stomach and liver this time…

You see, I was very busy with writing.
I have neglected my health.
I was eating the wrong stuff and forgetting to take the supplements.

That’s okay. I’m going to be okay.
I just need some rest now.
And I have to find some new remedies.
I’m doing some research on Hemp Oil and Milk Thistle Extract.
This should help.

Thank you all for your support.
God Bless you all.


Few days ago I was scrolling thorough “Acceptance” blogs and I found this quote: “Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. It means understanding that something is what it is and there’s got to be a way thorough it.” – Michael J. Fox -
Thank you Michael! I needed that. I have to accept that my pain will PROBABLY never go away. You see – I’m very optimistic, I said PROBABLY… :) . This means that I’m accepting only probability of IT….. 50 percent only. The other 50 percent I save for hope that this pain will go away. Some day… Soon… I’m going to keep searching for cure…
If you read my previous posts, you know that I have try a lot of different remedies for gout and I’m on anti gout Diet. But so far nothing really works. On the pain scale 1 to 10 it fluctuates between 5 and 7.
But hey, there was a time – last year- it was on 11… :)
So, there is some relieve…
I think that my body suffered to much damage from Chemo and Radiation to be able to fix the problem.
But hey, it is what it is … And life goes on…

Do you know, that over 100 Million Americans are suffering with some kind of chronic pain?
Hello You All! I know how You are feeling!
Yeah, chronic pain. It sounds so hopeless.
But let’s remember – we can accept IT – but we will never give up the hope – that some day…

Thank you for visit.
God Bless you All.

About pain and writing.

They say writing can be painfully hard. I agree. And I will add: Especially if you have gout. Ouch! :) !
I’m right handed. My right hand hurts from writing and gout related inflammation. Is all swollen.
So I google: “Painful writing” and found some uplifting info.
First of all – they say that most of the writers have some pain in their hand and wrist from writing, even if they are healthy. So I’m feeling little bit better. I’m not suffering alone.
And there is some more:
Roger Angell, writer and editor for “The New Yorker” said: “Writing is hard even for authors who do it all the time”.
Well, I thought that only I have a problem. Thank you Roger!
And Elmore Leonard, American novelist said: “I try to leave out the parts that people skip”.
I think this is brilliant! Thanks Elmore! This can save me lots of pain. :) !!!
And what about a writers block?
My favorite poet and writer Oscar Wilde said it best: “I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back in again.
I love it!
To save my time I didn’t put any punctuation marks in my 4 poems… :) !!!
And there is a different kind of writers pain – writing about painful memories…
Yes, memory of pain hurts.
So I’m shedding a tear or two and I’m thinking: It is all going with the wind…
Or as French will say it: It is PASSE COMPOSE = an action completed in the past.
And life goes on.

Thank you all for visiting.
God bless you all.

Lucky NR 4.

Few years ago I have very interesting conversation with my old friend. She study Numerology, Chinese Astrology and all this stuff… She asked me what is my lucky number.
Well, my birthday is 04.04.47. so I told her 4.
Oh my God! She said. Number 4 is very unlucky in Chinese Numerology. It means sudden death!
Well, I said. I think that’s very lucky. Who wants to die slow? :) !
But anyway, I’m glad, that nobody told me about that when I was young…

And than, couple years later, when I was diagnosed with cancer I was thinking about this conversation.
I thought: If Chinese Numerology is right, I’m not going to die of cancer. This is slow death. I’m going to survive cancer and die later, suddenly… That’s great!!! :) !!!

And as I mention in previous post – If you believe that you are going to survive, you will. Because all your cells in your body don’t have a brain. They are doing what you are thinking.
And I think, that Chinese Numerology is right about number 4. :) .

Anyway, I think, that any number can be lucky. All depends on how you look at it.
They say that number 1 is the best number. And I say: Number 2 is twice as good as 1. :) .

Thank you all!
God Bless.

Thank you!!!!!

Thank you all for your support!
After I read your comments on my last post “Writing my book” I got so inspired, that I wrote two chapters of my book in 3 days! Of course, they have to be rewrite few times. But you know – fixing something is easier than creating.
You are giving me strength and confidence to go on. Anyway, without your support I wouldn’t even dream about writing this book. Without you – there would never even be oneanna65 – only some old, very sick and lonely woman with no purpose to live on…..
And now, because I know that you believe in me, because you believe that I can do it, I will work on that book even harder and faster.
Do you know, that I have only one friend? Others – they don’t understand why I’m spending so much time on blogging and now talking about writing some book….. That’s okay. I can probably explain to them when I’m done with my book……
And my (one) friend believes in me. She understand why I’m doing it… And she is my Computer Guru. Very intelligent person.
When I’m done (some day… :) ) with all this writing, she is going to make an E-book of it. She knows how!
So I have to go back to my writing.
Thank you once again!!!
God Bless you all.
Sending big cyber hug to anyone who needs one…

Writing my book.

Finally I got organized and I’m writing my book! Very slowly, but if I work on it every day – some day is going to be finished….. I’m glad that I don’t have to write 75 000 words minimum… :) ! Just few chapters…

You see, I’m not a writer, but I have to write this book because I have something important to share – I want to inspire more people. I can not inspire nobody in person, because people who know me and people who I’m meeting and talking to – don’t take me seriously. When they hear me talking they assume that I have nothing of value to tell them… And if I tell someone that I have a successful Blog, they ask: “In what language?” Never mind!!!
That’s okay. I understand.
But when you are reading my page you don’t hear my funny accent. And I can write and rewrite every page – to make it sound almost English…
When I talk – it is what I have just said….

So in my case writing a book is a very slow process. Lots of handwriting, rewriting, trying to find the right words.
I like what Mark Twain said about it: “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug”. :) !
Anyway, I have some experience with writing: over 2 years of blogging – 76 posts!
I know, I can do it!
And I’m learning while I’m writing.
By the time I finish my book, my English is going to be much better… :) !

Thank you for visit
God Bless you all.

Strange encounter.

Few days ago when I was shopping at Wall-Mart I met this nice, old lady. She was on the wheelchair, disable, so I was helping her with shopping. And we talk…
She told me that she is cancer survivor.
So Am I.
She said that her all life was very challenging.
So was mine.
She have a heart attack.
I have one too.
She have Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Well, I have my Gout.
And on the end of our short conversation she told me, that she is very old. She is 65 years old!
So was I – two years ago…
But I didn’t say that. I only told her that I was over 50 years old…

This was a very strange encounter. I felt very sorry for that Lady. She sounded very hopeless. I didn’t know what to say. I was only repeating: “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”…
And I realized, that actually I’m disable, old woman – but still walking ( slowly…) and don’t complaining about that all…
Maybe I’m so strong because I inherited my Grandmothers genes?
Or maybe because I’m over 50 years old – not 67? :) !
Who knows???
Even the Doctors are puzzled. Any time I talk to one, he want to send me again for one more full body scan…
They probably want to see what is inside of me that keeps me going , and going… :)

Well, I’m just very grateful that I’m the way I’m – for now. That I can find the strength to get up in the morning and keep going… And that I’m (mostly) independent. Thank you God!
And I want to thank you all – my readers – you are my inspiration and the reason to go on…
God Bless you all!


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