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One more…

One more day
One more night

One more month
One more year

One more joy
One more sorrow

One more chance
to do something great

Dear God
all I want
is only
One more…

God Bless you all.


I found this quote from “Alice in Wonderland”:
-You know what the issue is with this World?
Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.-
I like that!
Thank you Lewis Carroll!

Yeah, if we want magical things happen to us, we have to believe that this is possible…
How simple!
But not so very easy…
I know.

Children don’t have any problem with it.
But when we grow older we loose that child’s magical way of thinking.
So we have to go back to our childhood to find the memories of that beautiful magical thinking and believe again that more magic will happen to us….

Two years ago I received a gift from my old Friend: a very nice T-shirt saying – I BELIEVE IN MAGIC. I like it very much. But I’m not wearing it.
Maybe because I believe in magic but I don’t want everyone to know that I do??? :) !

Wishing you all Health and Happiness!
God Bless You all.


I have not posted for a very long time about cancer. Some of you, my Followers my think, that I have forgot about it.
I did not.
I wish I could.
I wish we all could…
No one day passes without the ugly monster C flushing its ugly face on me…
And I’m reading Cancer Blogs. I can find some hope there. But it makes me so very angry, that so many are suffering because of it…
And there is so much confusion about diagnosis, treatments and survival prognosis.
It is scary, terrifying disease.
I wish I could do something more to stop the pain and suffering of those affected by it.
But all I can do is to keep blogging and hoping that my clumsy writing will help someone, give hope to someone.

You see, I was born in Poland, two years after WWII ended. As a young child I have read many books, saw many films and hear many stories about war. In every story there were those who stood up to the enemy and die fighting, and those who die doing nothing…
And I knew then, that no matter what enemy I will encounter in my future, I will get up and go fighting however I could. I will rather die fighting…
This what I’m doing most of my life.
And this what I’m doing now.
I’m eating healthy – keeping up my anticancer diet – every day. [ Well, almost… :) ]
And searching for new anticancer remedies – every day.
This way I will never die of cancer.
I will die some day – fighting cancer.

I wish you all cancer free life.
God Bless you all.

Life goes on…

So do I.
I made it to 2015!
And I have to keep going.

Someone said: “You have to keep going. Because even if you are on the right track, you are going to be run over if you just sit there”… :) .
Even I’m not sure if I’m on the right track, I have to keep going.
Anyway, how can you be sure that you are on the right track?
Oh, well, maybe you can be sure, but not me…

Very often, in my life – what looked to me like a right track it turn out to be WRONG WAY, DEAD END or NO WAY… :) .
I know, I know – I should stay on the MAIN ROAD.
But I never did. I don’t do what most of the people are doing…

And some ask: “What happen?” “Why?”
And when I try to explain, they will say: “You should write the book!”.
And I will say: “I did. Go to – enter: “About by Oneanna65″ – you can find my Book.” :) .
And some ask: “Why did you wait so long to fix this problem?”
And I will say: “I didn’t know, that I’m going to live that long”… :) .
So they ask: “How old are you?”
And I have to tell them the truth: “I’m over 50, close to 70.” :) .

Well, such is my life. And I’m living it to the best of my abilities under the circumstances.
And I don’t complain, I’m counting my blessings and I’m thanking God for each day.

God Bless you all.
Thank you for visiting.

Lost a Friend.

And I’m grieving.
She is going.
And I don’t even know where…

You see, I have no problem with dying. Because I know how I become to be, what is life about and where I’m going…
And of course it is very painful for me to lose someone I love… But the thought about Afterlife and the thought that this someone is not suffering anymore makes all the grieving lot easier…

But if you know that someone believed that they come from nothing – live just to enjoy this life – and that they will become nothing – just don’t makes any sense to me…
You see, I don’t believe that something can become to be – from nothing. And that this something can become nothing again… It just don’t makes any sense to me.
And I’m not sure where those souls are going. God have mercy!
Pope Francis said that God will let them to come to Heaven. I hope so… And I pray…

God Bless you all. Even those who don’t believe in Him…

Happy New Year!

A New Year starts today!!!
It is a great day to start something new, exciting!!!
Or maybe better tomorrow… :) !!!

Wishing you all the greatest next 365 days and many, many more!!!

God Bless you all.

Christmas Wish.

Happy Christmas!!!
I am wishing you all Healthy, Happy Christmas.
I am happy.
Maybe because – in spite of everything – I decided to be happy?
And this makes me happy? :) ?
So let’s be happy!
Is healthy to be happy.
God Bless you All.



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