Dealing with solicitor.

I was searching on internet for life insurance. Not that I really want to buy one, but to see what is there… One Insurance Guy started calling me every day. He was very good. He really knew how to sell. But I’m very good on how to not buy…. if I don’t really want something. So for three weeks he keeps calling me everyday Trying to convince me 21 different ways why I should buy his insurance. And poor me trying to tell him nicely 21 different ways why I don’t want to buy his insurance now… Finally I decided to end the conversation after three weeks.

He called in the morning

“How are you this morning Anna”

I change my voice and I said: “This is Mary, Anna’s sister. Anna is not here anymore. She died yesterday of heart attack. Someone was harassing her on the phone lately, her blood pressure was getting higher and higher and she died.”

And the guy said: “I’m so very sorry.”

And I said: “Don’t be sorry. She is OK now. She left her phone behind”… 🙂 🙂 🙂

And the guy never called again.

Thank you for visiting. God bless. Be save. Much love Oneanna65

2 thoughts on “Dealing with solicitor.

  1. LOL – – I got a very nice reply from a ‘designer’ who posts/provides ‘how to videos’ on graphic design/branding skills, today, when I finally replied to a newsletter/email subscription that was offering to sign up for a course, of which they were only taking applications for. and nowhere could I see what the price tag was, should I even get ‘picked’ to take the 12 month course – I had requested/replied to the Call-To-Action at end of one email, urging me to reply, asking that I’m currently on tight austerity on purchasing continuing education, and if there was ‘groups/tags’ in her email service, could she keep me on her ‘blog/info’ posts, but remove me from the list for that current class promotion – She replied and said, “Thanks for letting me know! I have removed you from promotional list for this class!” She is one classy lady – I tell ya – she is one of my ‘examples’ of online folks who do ‘marketing/customer service’ RIGHT!

  2. I tried being a Life insurance agent before but I wasn’t that aggressive. To continue being one, you should be able to make the sales quota every quarter or you are out. It’s the reason why they are so pushy.

    As usual, your post is funny and made me laugh!

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