The socks that sucked.

This happen about 20 years ago. I got the job. I was helping The Lady with the house chores 5 days /week. The main chore was the Lady’s paralyzed Daughter. The Lady was 80 years old, in very good shape, but her Daughter was 50 years old, totally disable, she has two strokes. The situation was very depressing, and the job was very difficult. But as always I keep praying and doing my best…

One day, when I was doing laundry the Lady said: ” Anna, you be very careful, don’t stretch my Daughters socks, because she likes them very tide…” Wow, it hit me like a sledge hammer… I notice, that some socks were very small, way to small even for petite women. I become very emotional. I realized that those very tide socks were probably the cause of this tragedy. Those socks cut the daughters circulation, caused blood clot and stroke… But I have to keep silence. I could not tell the Mother what I was thinking. The damage was done… What makes me mad, that they were both intelligent women, and why the Doctors didn’t check the cause of first stroke…

Well,I didn’t last very long on this job. All those years I think about those ladies, I pray and I talk about a dangerous tide socks to anybody who I can… Some people get mad at me. But I don’t care… And I’m posting this page today, so you and many others will be aware of socks that sucked so we can save a life… OK, you know about that, but you be surprise how many people don’t…

Thank you for visiting. Much love. God bless. Oneanna65

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