Comment from the heart.

My German Blogging Friend Stefanie Neumann commented on my post “About a better place.” And her comment make me so very happy, that I decided to share with you, because is not only about my post but about love and caring for all…

Here it is: ” And until then, perhaps, we can channel a little bit of that wonderful place into our existence on Earth. We can not choose what comes at us from “outside”, but we can choose how we live with what we have and what we bring into the World while we are here. I’m wishing you a lots of reasons to enjoy life until and beyond that day, when you enter eternal happiness, dear Anna. I know, they currently are not easy to find. But they are there. Much Love.”

Yes. Much Love Stefanie. You know what Much Love is. You put Much Love in everything you do, every post, every picture… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I’m gonna use you Much Love trademark under every my post, because, like you, I want to send Much Love to as many people, as many I can…

God bless. Much Love Oneanna65

4 thoughts on “Comment from the heart.

  1. Wow, Anna!
    Only now I am seeing this post.
    How wonderful that together with your post my comment could contribute to spread love and that it could plant some happiness in your heart.
    As to the statement about knowing love: It takes one to know one and it makes me happy to know that you know!
    Thank you and Much Love! 💗

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