About Wrinkles And Lessons

Change The Lens

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
 – George Eliot 

As my birthday was approaching, I took a look at the last two years of my life. They were not a big excitement for me. Surrounded by my beloved who used to get so excited for this “special event” of mine, I used to perceive it as a one-year-closer-to-death event. I’m not saying that I was never excited about “my day”, but if I were to take a minute and think about it, it was just about the events and the meaning behind them. My mind was always thinking: “One year older”. At this point I have barely scratched the surface. Here are some of my afterthoughts:

One more year of my life has passed.
One that I will never get back.
One more year of my youth has gone by.

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