Pain, Healing, and Purpose

No Half Measures

Pain can take many forms. As a pretty concrete person, when I hear pain, I first think about physical pain. Since I live with chronic pain, I’m well acquainted with this kind of pain. However, I’m also acquainted with psychological and emotional pain, not just as a woman living with terminal cancer, but also as a human being. I’m not sure any human being reaches adulthood without feeling some amount of pain and some have dealt with more pain than others.

But what happens with this pain? What do we do with it?

Before I was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) in 2017, I had experienced some trauma and I did think that I had good coping mechanisms for dealing with the resulting psychological/emotional/mental pain. I saw myself as resilient and able to use the trauma I’d experienced to move forward and I think those around me…

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