Who Needs You?


Peaceful seagull Peaceful seagull

We have heard about terrible things going on in the world: the destruction of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, shootings and deaths, suffering, anger, fear and other emotions that go with such horrors.

Many of us are feeling useless right now, considering the tragedy laden news we hear everyday. Sometimes the pain and sadness in the world weighs heavily on my mind and heart just as it does on the minds and hearts of others. 

What can we do to help the loss, pain, fear, and tragedy of the world? Nothing it seems! We can not save others from the pain and suffering they are enduring. Most of us, as individuals, do not have the money or ability to go somewhere to help them.

But we can do something. Most of us can never directly decrease the suffering in the world. Most of us are not called to be…

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