I’m not gonna fall.

Yes, I’m not gonna fall. I pledge to myself long time ago that no matter what, I’m not gonna fall. When I was young I was falling. Sometimes. Never got seriously injured. Just some bruises and I was ready to run again.

But than, about 9 years ago, when I was struck with all the pains, I told myself: ” I CAN NOT FALL” I could only imagine how much more pain I will have if I will fall… I’m very careful. I’m watching my every step. I think that because I’m constantly thinking: “I CAN NOT FALL” i have sort of hypnotized myself and program my subconscious mind that no matter what, I’M NOT GONNA FALL. So far it works. I think that it works, because I believe is gonna work. You see, I’m not saying: “I HOPE I’M NOT GONNA FALL”. I’m saying: “I’M NOT GONNA FALL. PERIOD.”

Oh yes, I have few close calls: tripping on the rugs, get my foot trap by the slamming screen doors, slipping on the ice covered by snow… but somehow always I was able to balance my body… because “I CAN NOT FALL” 🙂

So here I’m on my new job for almost 3 weeks and all what I’m hearing is: ” DON’T DO THAT, DON’T GO THERE, BECAUSE YOU GONNA FALL..” At first, very politely, I told the Lady: “Don’t worry, I’M NOT GONNA FALL”. And I kept repeating this day after day… But this morning when I said: “I’m going to take the garbage to the garage”. and she said: “Don’t go, You gonna fall”, I lost it. I sat down in a chair and I said: “OK, so you want me to seat in this chair all day, so I don’t fall down. I may fall down on my way to the bed or I may fall of the bed in the night…. ” And I run to my room… Half an hour later I cam back, I said that I’m going with the garbage and I said: “Don’t worry, I’M NOT GONNA FALL. And please, don’t tell me anymore that I’m gonna fall. Because I won’t!” The end of the story.

Well, I just have to deal with that. Because I’m sure this is not the end of it. Well I will find the way, I have to… Any time I’m hearing: “YOU GONNA FALL”, my blood pressure goes higher…. I be OK.

Thank you for visiting. Be save. DON:T FALL. 🙂 God bless. Oneanna65

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