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I’m waiting.

March 1, 2014

I got no internet yet. I’m waiting. I’m posting this from my friend’s house in a snowstorm. I have to work 7 days a week but sometimes I can go out for a few hours! GREAT!!!
You see I told the old lady (she’s 20 years older than me, so she’s old – I’m not :) ) and I told her relatives during the interview that internet is very important to me. And I will pay for it. But they were very slow with helping me to get connected. They probably thought there is no rush, why can be so important for an average older woman, housekeeper, to get internet? They don’t know that I’m not average. I never was and I am not planning to be an average never :) How could I explain to those people that I am not only housekeeper but also wordpress queen of inspiration on the mission to save some lives. :) And that my blog and internet connections means more to me than anything else. And this always waiting got on my nerves so on 25 February I told the old lady “it looks to me that I can’t get internet connection here so I will have to go somewhere else” and I wasn’t bluffing. DON’T GO DON’T GO, I NEED YOU she said with the tears in her eyes. So I said I want to stay here with you, I really like it here and you are nice lady but as I told your family two weeks ago internet is very important to me. And I need some help with that. So she called her nephew and he called me back two hours later and said on March 5, someone will come to the house and install the internet for you. It will cost $218 for installation and $19 a month. So I said that’s fine with me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

So this is how is goes sometimes, you have to slam your shoe on the table to get some attention. :) Anyway, I hate to be ignored. So now I have to wait 4 more days and I can start blogging again. Read some blogs, send some likes and smiley faces to the cyberspace.

Thank you all for your patience, God bless you all.


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  1. So sorry to hear of the frustration. It be on before you know it..

  2. Did you say it is snowing again? You sound a little like me in your pursuits, something in common.

  3. Glad you got their attention. Finally!

  4. So glad this is being resolved. So frustrating.

  5. How very annoying – not only the wait but the presumption!

  6. Be encouraged, that happened to me in jan, after I finally went thru 6 customers service reps, 4 supervisors all who were useless, I just threw my hands up..screamed, yelled, and what do you know, a rep must have heard me, because he called me apologetic, I had service the next day. I need social network too. Be encouraged, hope the weather gets better soon

  7. You are right, sometimes you must raise a ruckus to be heard!

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    This lady always inspires me and stops me from feeling sorry for myself. I am sending her lots of positive thoughts and love and light.

  9. I also go berserk when the internet is not working… This is my entertainment… Good luck, Lor…

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    This is a good blog post…honest, confident, no bullshit, not one fuck given, authentic, naked, human…

  11. Hope they get it on for you tomorrow!

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  13. Persistence does usually win out in the end!

  14. Ardhi permalink

    Stay strong!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my first post :)

  15. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you get it sorted soon. I agree sometimes you do need to slam a shoe down on a table or two to make your point :-)

  16. I’m glad you are not average! Good for you.

  17. thanx @oneanna65 for liking my story on cancer & story link for others on this simple yet awesome blog of urs:

  18. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. I like you’re post too. YOu sound like a very determined person and that’s great. Don’t change for anyone! Have a nice weekend.
    Best, Karin

    • Ardhi permalink

      Have a nice weekend too! Warm regards from Indonesia :D

  19. hello oneanna65 its dennis the vizsla dog hay as they say the skweeky modem gits the konnekshun!!! yoo wil be serfing in no time i am shoor!!! ok bye

  20. Thank you for following my blog! It gave me the chance to come and discover yours. Hats off to you! Good luck with the internet connection! I don’t know what I’d do without it… Best wishes, Jennifer

  21. I love your attitude! I enjoy that you are a half-full person with a lot of spunk and hope. Thanks for liking my blog. Thanks, too, for your willingness to be genuine to who you are! Best of luck with the internet.

  22. It is March the 10th and I sure hope they came and put the internet in for you. Good for you putting your foot down, sometimes it takes some of that. :) Hugs

  23. Great post. Like it a lot. Reminds me that I have to put down my foot a bit more in my life…
    anywho, I’ll be back again some time when I have more of it. Sounds like I can buy some (shaking my head) all the best to you and your blog. :^)

  24. I lose my s@#T when I can’t get on. Not sure if it’s an addiction or a time out for both of us! Hope it works out! :)

  25. Good grief! That upfront fee is ridiculous! Where exactly is this place? $19/month for internet is pretty freaking awesome though. I hope all of this worked out for you!

  26. Thanks for liking my blog post…and best of luck with your new job!

  27. I await your emergence from your dark cocoon. Hang in there it will get better

  28. Very annoying!

  29. you write so easy.. so nice… amazing! :)

  30. I know the feeling you had well. I don’t have the internet at my home and I’m forever at the homes of my friends doing my work. When I actually bring my laptop with me (as opposed to my Nook) I find shutting down requires about 32 updates and several hours.

  31. chuckling as I read this… I had an identical experience when I moved to my present abode. Technical issues with living in the forest at the end of the road. With some ingenuity, hardware and a chainsaw I’ve now got dependable internet, here’s hoping the same for you!

  32. Hope that you are up and running now!

  33. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the like. Raise that ruckus and be heard!

  34. I hear some of my own words in your posts, love it! Surviving cancer gives a new outlook, one of gratitude and the ability to be happy simply because you can. Keep your angels close and keep plugging away!

  35. Are things any better yet?

  36. All hail the queen …. You sure are my queen your soul is sooooooo young

  37. Honestly I was thinking you’re somewhere having long vacation, glad to read again your article, welcome back Miss Ann :P

  38. Good luck getting everything organized. Sounds like a nightmare. It’s surprising how important the Internet (and blogging) has become to us. The computer is more important than the TV in this house.

  39. sue marquis bishop permalink

    You got the job done! Hope u get back online soon. Sue

  40. Thanks for liking my blog post Anna! You are in my prayers. God bless you too. :)

  41. A true inspiration! :)

  42. I’m an internet addict, trying to go cold turkey as often as I can. Most often only while abroad. I ignore the wi-fi allerts on my cell, leave laptop and iPad at home and… and… yeah, often cave in… :)

    Glad you got it sorted, though!

    (Ps. Thanks for the like on my photo!)

  43. They would probably not listen, but I would explain to them how important your connection is, not because of surfing the web but because of all the friends you have made. Tell them it’s a very personal thing and very important. Anyone who is listens will get that.

  44. Mrs./Ms One Anna, I really love what you’re doing with your blog, great job.

    You might want to check our post on Cancer in our health and lifestyle blog

  45. Very nice blog. Many thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.

  46. Good for you, standing up for what you need! About a month or so ago, my computer blinked out. I was so amazed at how much I depend on it. Finally I turned everything off, crawled under the desk (ugh) and played with the phone plug, then the router and so on. Thank heavens it blinked happily back on! Hope you’re all connected now and enjoying your new job!

  47. I’m glad you finally got the attention you deserve. Good for you! :D Thank you for visiting my blog and have a great week.

  48. persistence pays off, doesn’t it?

  49. Glad to see that you got your way, and that you are still going strong!
    Best wishes from England, as always, Pete.

  50. It is now March 26 and I’m wondering what happened? Did they get the internet hooked up or do you have to move on? Either way, I wish you the best.

  51. Diana permalink

    Nice to meet you, Anna!
    Thank you for following my blog. Yours is a treasure too. Best of luck!

  52. Thanks for liking my post no worries, you are a wonderful woman having lots of courage. God bless you for ever and ever!!!

  53. Hi,

    I too need my connection with me. :-)

  54. Has you foot stomping worked? Do hope so!

  55. Persistence pays off. You are an inspiration, showing how you should never give up if there is something that really matters to you. Best wishes to you and thank you for such a wonderful blog :)

  56. its great that you were persistent

  57. Thanks for your visit and like Ana ! I hope the Slurpee article cheered you up – your testimony is very moving – I will definitely keep an eye on you ;-) Next time be my guest to leave a comment on Brandsoutsiethebox ! Bises from Paris, France.

  58. Jeeez, you wait so long and you HAVE TO PAY MONEY for installation??? Move to London, free installation, 6 months half price and they send you reminder every two weeks( if you are still not with them).
    Anyway, great blog, hope your internet do the job.
    Love your attitude WordPress Queen :) (“they don’t know I’m not average” – felt down from the chair!)

  59. Hold steady, good things come to those who wait – unless, of course. it’s waiting for the freakin’ internet to work. I hope all works out. I’ll send good tech feelings your way. This blogging becomes lodged in our hearts and brains like dog hairs you cant vacuum out of the car :-)

  60. awesome:) in keeping with my cat blog theme, sometimes ya just gotta hiss to get attention ;)

  61. good that you managed to stand your ground sand that everything is working out for you!

  62. No way you’re average!

  63. I know your frustration! Living in rural south India my internet connection is poor at best (around 100kbs!) and sometimes non-existent. Having to use the internet daily for work makes this very frustrating!
    Thanks for the like!

  64. timelesslady permalink

    I’m so glad you put your foot…ummmm….SHOE down, and now have your Internet. My blog and Internet friends are important to me too. Good for you!

  65. Hang in there and keep going. Yes, the internet is a wonderful way to get acquainted and I thank you for visiting my site and liking it.

  66. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing and following, God Bless!

  67. You are a brave lady. I am sure your writing will give succour to many people.

  68. needtofocus1123 permalink

    I love your writing, and your story is inspiring. Thank you and God bless!

  69. our queen can slam her shoes on the able whenever she’d like! i hope things are going well!


  70. cttbbelliott permalink

    Brand new to you here on WP. The loving, caring, intelligent housekeeper who loves to keep things clean, keep people happy, and serve God’s purpose. No, you are not ordinary! You rock! Thanks for catching my eye and liking my blog….Brenda :)

  71. Thank you for liking “Fluffy Bunny Overload.” I am sorry to hear you were having trouble getting access to the Internet. I hope all is well now, including the weather. :)

  72. I like your Spirit!

  73. Thank you for the Like on my Blog post. You have a very interesting and useful material on your blog. May you have a long and healthy life.

  74. Thanks for my post on at Your blog looks wonderful and we are following back :-)

  75. navasolanature permalink

    I know what it’s like without constant wifi as we have to come into a free wifi bar here in Spain.When house finished we will then think about getting connected. So like your blog but can’t spend much time online at present but will keep in touch by following.

  76. [ doff my hat my for the great Lady. Ire-blog this.

  77. Never give up! Your blog is blessing to more people than you will ever meet as I have learned very few actually leave a comment and make a connection. Many will read and can be inspired by us. I pray you have a great day today in Jesus Christ name. Melody

  78. permalink

    great article :D , enjoy visit your blog, please help me my friend visit and coment on my website too at okay, !!! i will came back here again

  79. Good luck, and enjoy spring…

  80. Its awesome the way you write, without any inhibition and you are an inspiration to so many of us. I love reading every post of yours and thank you for visiting my blog and liking it.

  81. Will be real glad to see when you have internet again. You have been missed. Thank you for stopping by and liking our post today. Hugs

  82. bangtandiary permalink

    I get how fustrating it can be with no wifi networks. Good luck, oh and btw, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post!

  83. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post!

  84. Thanks for the like on my site and the follow. Hope you got your internet sorted and any problems in the future let me know l may be able to help. :)

  85. I like your attitude, and am glad you use some of your precious internet time to visit and like my posts. Hope you are doing well.

  86. I sympathise – it drives me crazy when I can’t get internet. You slam that shoe, girl! It’s the squeakiest wheel that gets the grease :D

  87. Hope you got your internet sorted. Your blog is really interesting – would love to read an “About” page about you! :)

  88. Wow you liked one of my pictures, I checked you out, and now have me hooked!……. I have only read snippets so far but you are amazing your strength, love and compassion for others is close to my heart bless you xx And I only hope my photos and quotes can bring a little smile to your face most days xox

  89. Slamming the ole shoe down works every time! I look forward to perusing your lovely blog! Be well. ~Karen~

  90. Thanks for coming by the blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading back over your posts — what energy! Take care, and well done for the ruckus.

  91. I understand your concern. It is essential to act sometimes.

  92. Way to go! ;)

  93. When all else fails I use my dongle. Or McDonalds free wi fi!

  94. Hi Anna, I haven’t visited in a while and what a blog post to come back to. I love it! I must visit more often. I’m glad you fought to get the internet connection! Best wishes, Dana

  95. You are certainly not average! Good luck!

  96. Hope you have the internet connection now, yes it’s good to sometimes put your foot down! Good luck for everything else !

  97. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

  98. aww that’s not very good to here I am glad that you have your internet connexion now

  99. Essiac helped save my dad. he had severe surgery anyway though at age 65. He’s 86 now!

  100. I love your mission and your words help many people! You are awesome : )

  101. You just sent a smile. Thank you. And from me to you: :)

  102. it is light and cheerful. I especially like the last part to get your voice heard. I need to work on my gumption.

  103. Go girl. I too am a survivor. Not cancer, but ruptured appendix that went without diagnosis for a week. Surgeon said there is no way I could be alive. Never give up.

  104. smiling…:-)

  105. Familiar scenario… finally got internet from the landlord, but so tenuous that if it’s raining the evergreen tree in front of the wireless device loads up with moisture, no internet.

  106. What I like the most in your post is the way of describing your persistence. What your mesadventure with your old landlady shows obviously is the gap which exists between how we see ourselves and how the others do… and sometimes it may be big! But this is the nature of freedom: everyone has their own ideas and values, has thei free will. When facing such situations now, I let go: the other can think whatever he wants about me, I regard this as an action of personal freedom that can be positive or negative (it’s their own responsability) towards me. More and more, I don’t mind naturally. I’m a white rose and let a waratah be what it is. :-)

  107. I like your post and I just want to tell you that I too hate to be ignored and that you’re not alone :)
    I want to ask you if you’d like to participate in a blogger’s activity .. if you read my last post then you already know,, if you didn’t it’s a challenge called the Liebster Award where you should answer 11 questions then ask 11 questions to another 11 bloggers and then write 11 fun facts about yourself. so if you have time would you be interested to join ? please let me know if you are so I can give you your 11 questions :)

  108. What a great post and what a determined and inspirational person! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post.

  109. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking “Why women lie about their age.”
    Thank goodness you are here. I hope ypu keep writing as i enjoyed reading your posts. You are a true survivor. Be blessed.

  110. Thanks for visiting my blog and clicking “like”. Like you I was without Internet connection for more than 2 weeks – when our provider tried to install the upgrade, they inadvertently disconnected some wires, but couldn’t be bothered to fix it until I got stroppy with them. Isn’t it sad that people and organisations think they can behave like that?

    So glad you’re back online now. Keep on inspiring us…and hopefully we can repay the favour:)

  111. A belated Happy birthday I wish my last birthday was 67 :-) I haven`t had cancer but have had a few heart attacks. I went to the UK when my Nephew contracted ALL, and the medication was horrific,I don`t know how he managed. I thank you for reading my blog, it`s strange but I have been blogging for20 years and have never had a great following. but if we do it for ourselves it doesn`t really matter.

  112. Thank you for liking my ‘One Man’s Flowers’ post and leading me here. It’s wonderful that you get so much out of the Internet.

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  114. Sometimes you may have to shout out loud like a warrior.
    Thanks for the visit man, stay healthy stay safe. Happily following you .

  115. I read your about me, and I have to say I admire your spirit, and heart to help people even through your own battle. I like that you titled your blog cancer killing recipe, cause that is what hope is. Cancer may kill one’s body, but it only win’s if it destroys one’s spirit. Keep on doing what you are doing! this post made me smile

  116. Thanks for like a post. Your blog is awsome. And you are too. My auntie had cancer. This is a long fight. But everybody can win this fight. I hope you are well and i wish you the best things on the world.

  117. Lucky you. The place to be, online!

  118. Lol, your message of inspiration is surely out there – I Like!

  119. Love your feisty voice. Thanks for liking our Cats and Crane Mansions post.

  120. Totally understand the frustration of not having an internet connection. Back where my dad is posted for his job, in a remote part of India, I hardly get any good phone network. Internet is indeed a miracle there.
    But us millenials, we are lucky. Living in this world of the world wide web. :)

  121. i like, i like, i like …. ks

  122. Hiya, hope it’s ok that I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can find it here – – thanks :) x

  123. Loved this! I think many of us bloggers feel just like you do! Gotta write! And oh, by the way, thanks for visiting my blog!

  124. So glad they finally came through for you! I am totally addicted to my email! You wouldn’t know it from the 667 unseen emails on my yahoo at the moment, but I do my best to get through them every day.
    I hope you’ve got everything in good order by now. :-)

  125. I’ve nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award.’ Love your blog. You don’t have to accept the nomination if you don’t wish to but just showing my appreciation of a blog I like. Here is the link:

  126. I love your style! :-) Lady if ever there was a person to whom the adjetive “Spunky” applies, girlfriend, it is YOU! your post made me laugh not once but twice aloud! [HUGE GRIN]

    I followed you “like” from my blog to yours and now I’m hooked. Keep up the spirits and thanks for visiting my blog ( ) 5-6-7-8, Dancing my Way to a Healthy Me

    Cheers! :-)

  127. Too true! You can ask nicely and it will often get you no where, say it with intensity and it gets you everywhere. I hate that it’s become that way. The state I live in has me going straight to intensity, it’s like no help unless you’re “mean” about it. I’m glad you got your internet!

  128. First of all…you got 596 likes and 136 comments on a short entry…WOW! I haven’t even had that many visits to my blog and I don’t have any comments on anything I’ve written…so I say a sincere and hearty “congratulations” on your success. Keep bangin’ that shoe, it’s workin”!
    You have a lot information on your blog site and it is neatly organized, doesn’t intimidate me if I want to explore. Good work!

  129. I really enjoy your fun sassy voice. I hope all is well as I see you have not posted anything new in a while.
    Thank you for visiting my new blog today. All the best!

  130. All hail the internet ! Do I hear and Amen! God knows now Journalists got their stories to press in the “old days” How old was the story by the time it got to the reader??? :-)

  131. afracooking permalink

    I’ll put some “likes” out in the blog world for you :-) Sending you warm thoughts!

  132. KUDOS to your attitude!!!!

  133. I couldn’t find the space to write my comments, I love your blogging. I will read all of them. Ok, bye let me continue reading. Good luck.

  134. Snowing?! Yikes! I want to thank you, for reading my blog and I want you to know that I enjoy your writing style. I laughed the whole time (such a drama queen) lol. I love it! keep warm and I am so glad they finally paid you some attention! :)

  135. Well? You click like on mine, but haven’t put up anything on your own? Come on, I’m sure you’ve got something simmering on the back burner.

  136. Good for you! I certainly hope never to be ‘average’. Good luck with your new job.
    I sort of have one… it’s watching my grandchildren. Though this year it sort of changed just a tad.
    I’m up at 6 am just to post a daily – one or both are here M-F at about 6:30 am and are here until close to 5 pm. That’s in your face grama time! Well except when they nap, which isn’t always at the same time :)

    Keep inspiring! Just last week Hubby and I got our cheeks swabbed to be on a bone marrow transplant registry. Though due to age he’ll only be on it for 6 months. But you never know.

    So my day time ‘internet time’ is limited. But gees, I know what you mean I gotta at least post my daily observance, well daily :)

    Going to check out your post labeled ‘New Job’ …
    Hugs, Jules

  137. Hi, oneanna65. Thank you for your “like” on my blog for “Camping with God in the wilderness.” I’ve read some of your posts, and I will be praying for you during your journey through your treatments for cancer. I will also be praying for financial support. This is serious business for you, but some of your posts have a bit of humor which tickles my funny bone–(makes me laugh). Thank you for your testimony of trust, courage and strength of character. I’ll take a look at your book, too… Hope you will make a good piece of income from your efforts and your gift of writing.

  138. here on the recommendation of Crafty lady. Congrats and hope to see more of your great works :)

  139. That was very cool to on know

  140. Was thinking about you and wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by and liking my post. Hope you are doing well. Hugs

  141. Thank you for stopping by my blog once again. I appreciate it.

  142. Hi, I appreciate your stopping by at my page. What I liked even better, is your spirit. I read your topmost post. Way to go. People do take others for granted, unless they know they can’t get away with it. Speak your mind (nobody needs to guess then). :) Your post was a while back. Hope you’re enjoying the www. ;)

  143. Cindy Naidoo permalink

    Love this post! Honest and refreshing. I go crazy without internet too!

  144. Great to hear from you, Anna! How have you been?

  145. Thank you for taking the time to read and like my posts. I’m sending prayers and good thoughts to you.

  146. Wonderful site. I am looking at your book! :)

  147. entropy permalink

    Thank you for liking my post. Your illness got me rethinking it… ;)

  148. Awesome post, you rock!!! :)

  149. Hahaha, you’re my new favorite person.

  150. You have very beautiful blog! I with pleasure will wait for new news! The best regards!

  151. I’m so glad that it will hopefully be on soon! You’re right, you are an inspiration to so many and a font of knowledge and ideas for all. :D Sending you blessings and positive thoughts your way! :D

  152. Hey, I nominated your blog for THE ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD.
    Follow the instructions written at my blog for further action.
    Best wishes!

    Myself Khan

  153. everyone needs attention love and care. you are right. how are you now. long time i read your blog

  154. God bless you too my friend.

  155. Aaah that’s so sweet and commendable approach too. Hope that old lady is fine now, :) and no worries your readers aren’t going anywhere. Keep blogging. Nice maneuver to the post.

  156. Thanks for the like! hehe I can feel your pain without wifi!! Just had a problem a few days ago and it felt a nightmare!!

  157. Thanks for liking my post, I’ve read your posts, I like it, you such an inspire person, keep writing :)

  158. Love your work, its inspiring!

  159. lthikes permalink

    You are a inspiration to me! :)

  160. Glad you FINALLY got your internet, but girl… why haven’t you posted an update since March!

  161. I love you already just from reading this post alone! LOL! I’m so looking forward to reading more from you! Blessings to you! :-)

  162. Such a funny post :) :) I love blogging also and I can understand that!! Happy Blogging!!

  163. You are an awesome lady!

  164. Hello, thank you for liking my post. As a child with insomnia I often wonder if my writing even makes sense, and this has been a great confidence booster.


  165. You have to be the most patient person on the planet.

  166. We couldn’t cook our turkey because we lost electricity the night before Thanksgiving. I know what loss of electricity is like. Hope you were warm during the time it was out. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking one of my posts. Be blessed today and this week as you go about your adventure called life. Meghan

  167. I am grateful to have known you for so long. I am never going to stop praying for you my dear friend. Melody

  168. Thank you for the visit! Hope you have internet now!

  169. I don’t know much about you and haven’t been following your blog for long. I have noticed that you’ve “liked” some of my posts though and really appreciate it. I enjoy writing a lot and am interested in perhaps getting some of my articles/short stories/poems published and was wondering if you had any advice. Also, in addition to on WordPress, I would love to find a place where I could write about anxiety and make a little money. I noticed you wrote a book (congratulations by the way!) and was wondering if you could offer any advice.

    Also, I’d like to wish you all the best with your own writing and your goal to continue to be strong and healthy! Have a great holiday!

  170. Hi oneanna65, Best wishes for this time of the year and I hope you have an excellent New Year. Filippo del mondo

  171. Holy Father I thank you for such souls as this. Bless This one my God that this one’s testimony might be powerful.

    May You receive those things which are rightfully yours from such as this one.

  172. Breaks are good! ;) Have a very Healthy and Happy New Year!

  173. No-one is ever average, we’re all totally unique! I like to slam my shoe on the table occasionally too, it shakes things up a bit….thanks for popping by. Travel safe :D

  174. That was beautiful you’re a great story teller. Why no blogs since March!!

  175. I just wanted to take time to say “Thank You” for being such a faithful follower of my Texas’ Poetry site over 2014. Since my wife is a two-time breast cancer survior, your postings hit home in every way. As a Salute to your faithfulness I am reposting this blog to my site this day of January 2nd, 2015. Blessings in your journey in 2015.

  176. Reblogged this on Texas Poetry and commented:
    This is another one of my faithful followers who is on the top of the list of my faithful followers on my poetry WordPress Blog. Since my own wife is a two-time breast cancer survior, the writer has much to say about overcoming and dealing with Cancer. Worth a read if you or someone is also dealing with this dreaded sickness.

  177. Hello, I saw that you visited my blog and liked my guardian angel post. I wanted to say thanks. :) I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more

  178. I give you what I have, it is a request to God, for His will to be done on earth, as it is Heaven, where there is no sickness, pain or sorrow. Today, January 7, 2015, I invite GOD to SHOW UP, and do His will on earth, as it is Heaven. Please let me know if He has come with His Army of Angels as He promised in Isaiah 23;9 Isa 23:9 The LORD of the Heavenly Armies has planned it—to neutralize all the hubris of grandeur, to discredit all the renowned men of earth. When Michael stands up in Daniel 12:1…it is to provide protection and love to ALL! This is why I INVITE HIM, to STAND UP and prove his loyalty to those are who are loyal to Him!

    Let me know how this works for you. The greatest blessing is Jesus in your heart, sharing His love for him, and healing your wounds from this world. I want say, “See you heaven and save me seat if you get there before I do!”

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    you think Chrome/Kindle is instagram.

  180. As the time evaporated, do you have internet? By and by thank you for dropping by to have a read.

  181. Thank you for the like on my poem. I came over and took a look around, but when checking for your latest entry I get this post on your home page, dated last spring. I wonder how you are doing.

  182. inkspeare permalink

    Keep shining your light and inspiring.

  183. Thank you so much for all of your visits and “likes” on my blogs. I hope you are doing very well, I miss reading posts from you. Always have you in my prayers. Hugs

  184. It is a pain in the b..t, what would we do now a days without internet?
    By the way either my med´s for my broken ankle are kicking in or did I just read posted on March 1 and we are on the 22nd… I think… ;)
    Sooner or later it works out, so don´t stress out.

  185. Thanks for liking my blog post! You post some interesting thoughts or poems as well! :-)

    • P.s. I am Word Artisan VT…don’t know why my comment doesn’t show that. Ah…more WordPress tricks to figure out.

  186. You have to slam your shoe. Or put your foot down. Slippers just down cut it. Good for you.


  188. I hope to get your paperback soon, I loved ” for every scar there is a story”. Thank you for following, I will enjoy reading your site. eajm

  189. pmahaney permalink

    I want to thank you very much for looking in on my blog. I hope it gave you a smile. What I see here is a lot of love. I wish all the best.

  190. I agree with you, sometimes one needs to assert oneself before you are taken seriously… hope you get the connection soon and start posting… hugs…

  191. Thank you for liking my latest post and I am happy that you are finally getting your internet connection. God bless you:)

  192. Are you still waiting for a ‘good’ Internet? I can’t find a post this year, so thanks for liking my post, and being around since the start! I am so happy that you have endured.
    I send my best wishes from England, Pete.

  193. Where are you? I loved this… wordpress queen of inspiration on the mission to save some lives. amen amen too♥ ‘encouragement and inspiration’ Blessings and thanks so much for stopping by by blog♥ I felt so blessed by it.♥

  194. jennymiller62 permalink

    Keep warm and stay patient. Maybe the snow will be gone by the time you get internet :) And thanks for liking my blog.

  195. Love the Khruschev reference.
    Nobody gets that any more…

    Good to hear from you again.
    See you on the 6th.


  196. We love you and I pray for you to rest and relax. Soon you will be back on-line I understand how pain and suffering causes us to push into the blog sphere to get our interaction, travel from our bed and see the world. I am praying for you to get well. Melody

  197. Frustrating but I’m so glad you got it resolved sweet soul.

  198. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you visit again soon!

  199. Happy you got the internet. My son had a bad stretch where he had so much stress and was on a lot of different antacids. That causes some people to have no acid in their stomachs at all, so now he’s on medication to restore some acid to his digestive system. He’s lost a lot of weight, and in the meantime is also taking Ensure shakes, and it’s helping. Instant Breakfast ones taste a little better, if you need a change.

  200. I also get frustrated when there is no WiFi whenever I travel. However, I try to engage in other activities such as reading books, drawing, and simply enjoying my surrounding the best way I can.

  201. i’d be suicidal if I had no internet !

  202. No wifi is a crazy frustrating.

  203. I read your book this evening. Quite some challenges for you, over time. Your strength is what pulls you through. Keep up the great work.

  204. I always say that Internet is like an oxygen and life without it is more like walking dead :(
    Hope you get your connection soon.

  205. I know you probably won’t see or reply to this but…. I LOVE YOUR SPUNK! I feel we have similar missions. Spread positivity, reach people and hopefully have an impact.. good luck!!

  206. Snow. Yikes! I don’t know what I would do without internet. I’d probably slam more than a shoe. O.o

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