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New job!

February 6, 2014

I think I found a new job already. I got only one call from my Add – one very lonely Lady – 80 years old – needs some help – 6 days a week. I was looking for part time job with full time pay, but this is full time with full time pay. That’s okay, I take it.
So I’m leaving my old job on Sunday morning and going for an interview. New Lady already checked my references. And if she likes me and if I like the situation – I will start my new job on Monday.
Woooooooow! No rest for me!
But the new job is going to be (I hope!) lot easier – not two, but one Lady – without dementia.
But anyway, I’m going to take this job. And if I don’t like it – I’m going to look for a new one.
But there is no Internet! So if I decided to stay, I will find a way to get it.
So – Good Luck to me!
Three more days and my New, Better Life begins!
Thank you all for reading.
God Bless you all!


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  1. Congrats! Fingers crossed the meet and greet goes smoothly. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to get some internet signal there.

  2. sarahlearichards permalink

    Good luck to you!

  3. Congrats!!!!

  4. yay!!! enjoy your experience and remember that the public libraries should have internet available.


  5. Well done and good luck. Hope it all turns out well for you!

  6. Good luck 😃

  7. Congrats!!

  8. Happy for you, and looking forward to seeing how this pans out for you! :) You clearly have a great attitude about it :-)

  9. What a Blessing. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  10. Good luck! I hope it works out well x

  11. Congrats on your new job, best of luck!

  12. Good luck to you!

  13. Good luck and take it easy! :)

  14. I hope it works out for you!

  15. Good luck! Fingers crossed it all goes well :-)

  16. You are an inspiration – wishing you loads of good luck!

  17. Reblogged this on More Aah than F*** and commented:
    This is an inspirational blog…makes me feel guilty for moaning!

  18. People need to work, to feel needed. You are a wonderful person. It takes a wonderful person to do that type of work.

  19. Good luck!

  20. Congratulations. Looks like a great job.

  21. Congratulations!

  22. I hope this works out for you. I hope you can find a way to keep in touch via the Internet too.

  23. Continued prayers for you and I hope it works out wonderfully well for you. Hugs

  24. Good luck on your new job. Perhaps there is a Starbucks or similar location you could use. And thanx for your comment on my cancer site.

  25. Congrats! I wish you the best.

  26. Congratulations and good luck. Jobs are hard to come by and good ones harder still – hope this is a good one for you. Onwards and upwards!

  27. Congrats! and good luck… hope you will like and enjoy your new job.

  28. Good luck with everything!

  29. Good luck! Think positive!

  30. Hope it all works out for you – carry the internet round from a friends house in a bucket – or something. There must be a way.

  31. Hope all goes well! Hope you keep posting :)

  32. Wish you the best. Thanks for the follow. Blessitude – Lorrie

  33. Good for you! I admire your spunk.

  34. Good luck and many blessings to you… Keep up that positive outlook….

  35. That is so great and I wish you so well moving forward. Congratulations.

  36. This is very good news to hear. Because of Diabetes and Cancer I have to step up my Blogs. I am so happy for you. Sam in Brisbane Australia.

  37. Best of luck!

  38. You go girl! Your blog is a joy. Thank you for taking the time.

  39. And Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  40. This sounds much easier. I hope all goes well.

  41. Hi thank you for liking my post .Good luck in your new job:)

  42. How is your new job going for you? I’d love to hear an update :)

  43. Wishing you all the best and bright prospects ahead!

  44. Everyday is a new canvas,your thoughts the colors and your work your brush. So keep painting. Have a great day ahead. Thanks.

  45. I hope the new job is working out well for you :-)

  46. I hope your new job is working out for you. Take care of yourself. Keep blogging.

  47. Heart warming story. Give it your best shot and keep smiling. I’m liking your posts alrerady

  48. aliewsMuses permalink

    Hope you’re happy and hope to see you back blogging. God bless :)

  49. I’m glad you made me find your blog. I hope all goes well with the new job. :)

  50. Congratulations! As far as the Internet goes, if you have one of the major cell phone carriers as your phone company, you can buy a mobile hotspot (I think Verizon calls theirs “jet packs”. Anywhere that the Verizon signal comes in you can get internet over their 4G or 3G network. Of course, there are data fees….

  51. Wonderful spirit and positive blog! Thanks for sharing and best with your following adventure.

  52. Congrats! I wish you well!

  53. congratulations, I wish I could be like that in other places.

  54. seannapearl permalink

    Lovely to find you, thanks for stopping by~ Sea

  55. congrats! hope it goes well for you.

  56. firecook permalink

    Hello and Thank you for liking a post. I wish you success on your job;)

  57. Hi, I hope your new job goes well, and thank you for dropping in on my blog. PS, I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, I only use my blog.

  58. Good luck and I hope it works out and works well for you!

  59. All the best in your new job!


  60. walksoftly2 permalink

    Best of luck, Anna. You deserve it!

  61. Wow! I just discovered your blog and I’m so encouraged by your enthusiasm and spunk for life. You, my friend, are inspiring!

  62. Congratulations Anna

  63. Carol Donaldson permalink

    best of luck for your new start

  64. Good luck, let us know. xx

  65. Very nice… Brother

  66. This is good! Are you liking the new job? I love how you said that if you don’t like it you will find a new one. Quite simple, huh? We tend to over-complicate things sometimes. I loved that. :-)


  67. Wow! Only just seen this – hoping it’s going well for you :)

  68. Hope you got the job and it’s turning out well for you! :-)

  69. Good luck and keep smiling.

  70. Congratulations on the new job and thanks for like Chapter 1 of my book at the blog I just put it up this morning and I’m so glad you found me. Thanks so much. I hope all is well with you. Kick ass — attitude-wise of course. God bless. John

  71. I hope the best for you in your job adventure! Getting a job, keeping a job … I think it is more stressful for some of us than for others. Hey, thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit. I am honored. Peace, T

  72. Yes, good luck to you. Introduce to her the joys of blogging and convince her she needs internet.

    • Oh, I see this was written on Feb 6… I’ll have to skip ahead and see how you are doing. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  73. Thank you for again visiting my blog and the ‘likes’. I wish you all the best in your new work. God bless you.

  74. You have great spirit! Good luck in the new job. By the way, thanks for liking my post.

  75. cttbbelliott permalink

    I am brand new to you but I couldn’t be happier for a complete stranger than I am for you right now. How awesome to get this job. Congratulations! I just read about a man who was in a similar position without internet on the job and he told the woman he would leave if they didn’t get service. The woman’s son set up the service, the caregiver paid for the hook up but I would ask for half of the costs to be covered by her. What you do on the pc is important. You will work it out, I would imagine. We come to be so reliant on our pc’s. I am sick with chronic illness and I wouldn’t survive without it. Best wishes to you on your new job. Woot woot!!! Brenda Brown Elliott Author, “Courage Times Three. A Novel”.

  76. I’m a great believer in Louise Hay and her affirmations, so I wanted to share that she says when starting a new job to open you heart and let your talents flow out of you. Bless the establishment, all of the people you work for, and bless each and every customer with love. All will go well! Tell yourself that you are surrounded by love, generosity and opportunity, and it will be so!

  77. Congratulations on your new job and thanks for visiting me at my blog. A new job is practically like beginning a new life . . . best wishes.

  78. congrats and good luck.

  79. sounds exciting-new horizons-new surroundings-new people to break in to your way of doing things-way to go

  80. Thank you Anna for reading my blog. Wish you the best life has for you. Blessings!

  81. prayers for the best outcome for all involved :-)

  82. klcross48 permalink

    Thank you for reading and following my blog! Congratulations on your new job and much luck!

  83. God luck hon I hope it all goes well for you.

  84. It is good to look forward to something. Good luck on the new job.

  85. That’s wonderful, all new experiences are good for the writing and you are doing truly important work .

  86. Good for you! :) Good luck

  87. Gerri permalink

    Good luck with your new job!…and thank you for liking my posts!

  88. Good Luck with your new job. Thanks for liking my blog. Blessings

  89. sounds great!!! best of luck… peace Sue

  90. Made in the shade … congratulations with confetti! :D

  91. best of luck, has it gone well?

  92. Good to hear that you have found a new and better work situation….blessings to you

  93. Thanks for liking my Vegetarian Chickpea “Hamburger” Recipe on my website, I hope you’ll stop by again for more recipes, as well as daily toning exercise, articles on health, fitness and nutritional issues, motivational celebrity shape up stories, and book reviews on health and weight loss books. Please feel free to comment anywhere on the site if there is something you like or don’t like. I’d also like to hear from you if there is a topic you’d like to see me cover on the site or something you would like to see more of. All comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog. Congratulations on the new job!!

    – Kendall Hall

  94. blessings to you! Thanks for visiting my blog and for finding ways to take care of yourself…Happy week end! Jeane

  95. i hope the job’s going well. and thanks for liking my latest post.

  96. I wish you all the best in your new job!!

  97. And bless you, you wonderful lady!

  98. Thanks for visiting me again! How is the job going? Peace, Jeane

  99. How is the job? Hope it meets your expectations. Thanks for liking my blog.

  100. Best of luck with the new job.

  101. All best to you! Thank you for taking time to read my last post, even as you pursue new challenges. Kind regards, Catherine (randomstoryteller)

  102. Best of luck! and thanks for the like …

  103. Congratulations and best of luck!!

  104. Good luck on your new job. Hope she is a nice lady, like the one who gave me my angel. :) And thanks for reading my post.

  105. Good luck with your new job, hope it works out as you wish – thanks for the like on Back to blogging ~!~

  106. Thanks for the comments. We only put that site up yesterday as part of a 2 day course I was doing on WordPress. Previously we had advertised on sites like Trip Advisor etc. Yours was the second response I had so was very surprised indeed. Impressed the others on the course too! You have given me a good start thanks

  107. Good luck !!

  108. evelynralph/ permalink

    You are brave at 67. This is surely retirement age for you?

  109. quilt32 permalink

    This could be the perfect situation for both of you. I’m over 80 and if I didn’t have my daughter living with me, I would love to find someone like you.

  110. Thanks for reading my blog. Good luck in the next chapter of your journey.

  111. I hope the new job proves to be one which will be a happy change for you. God bless.

  112. So, how is that new job going? And thanks for following my blog! Great to have you!

  113. My first time looking at your blog. I enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to read mine.

  114. Congrats!! Good luck!

  115. I have been reading your blog. You have gone through so much…YOU are courageous! How has the job panned out? I hope well for you! YOU are brave and you inspire me…thank you! Blessings on you and thank you for visiting my blog.

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