I;m feeling great lately. Less aches and pains, I feel stronger, and my lips are pink. My pH  is 8.0., this is not good. Too alkaline. I have to drink more purified water with less lemon juice.

So I canceled my Doctor appointment. They want to put my body again in the “Doughnut Machine”. :). Thanks. I have enough radiation for life. Yes.You may say that I should go for the check – up. But I won’t…  I believe that keeping my body strong and sabotaging Cancer every day will keep me going for some time. Only God knows how long. And only God knows and Coroner can tell for sure, what is wrong with me. :).  I have a right to be wrong on medical issues. I’m only a Limo Driver. I believe, I’m going to be just fine.

So my health is good, but I have a Blogging Problems. I’m still alone in it, and I’m overwhelmed. In pass 3 weeks I received 21 nominations for Awards. I can only say one huge “THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!!” for  your support. I have to keep blogging.

And my computer is malfunctioning. When I Replay to your Comment, looks like I’m commenting on my own Post. And Gravatar wants me to sign – up: Enter your E – mail. So I did: oneanna65. And the stupid thing is telling me: This Address is already taken by some oneanna65, you need to enter different E – mail Address and Password. Stupid. I want to be me, oneanna65. And I like my old Password. Oh, well, I’m giving up “replaying” for a while. But I can click extra “like”. I’m very good on it. And I know that you are going to “like” it.

I have some shocking news for you. I’m writing a Book!!!  Just the short, true stories from my life. How life was throwing unexpected curveballs and fastballs on me, and how I was able to hit some, miss some, and how I avoided to be killed by one. :).  Don’t laugh! One can get killed by unexpected fastball. And please, don’t tell me how hard it is to write a Book and find a way to publish it. I know. I did my research.

Six months ago I was told how hard is to get any traffic on your Website.  And here it is: 142 000 all time views, 7 050 followers  –  That’s my Blog !!!  And this all happen thanks to your support. You are All awesome !!!

You see, I believe in miracles. I’m going to keep writing and sending letters to the Publishers.  So let me dream…

God Bless You All!

129 thoughts on “Update.

  1. Dear👕📖📝📖

    So many people are facing their own challenges as well as your strength in addressing yours. My case? Four heart stents then a botched diagnosis and a 7 cm facial tumour excision for a Australian-sun-born skin cancer … all in less than one super year! Treatment apart ASS for blood flow: a long delayed novel and a book of short stories out of forgotten cardboard boxes. I am with you; I feel you beside me. It is comfort. It is daring to shove all else to one side. Go for it!
    Neil in Mainz Germany

  2. Our Queen, our Queen! You are a shining beacon to all of us, especially if we have good health and don’t realize what a blessing that is!

    Your description of the demons in your computer made me smile; it’s frustrating sometimes, and I’ll bet you talk back to the computer the same way that I do, like: “I AM oneanna65 !!!”

    I thought that cancer could not grow in an alkaline environment, so your ph reflects that you’ve pulled out your own set of big guns. Doc Mercola has recently reversed his opinion on coffee, so you could alter your ph a little by drinking coffee?

    Your book will be a blast, and we will all be proudly standing by for updates!

    I respect your choices, and I am at the top of the class in cheering you on! Hooooo-Rah! You Rock! Z

  3. What an inspiring blog – I wish you every success with both your health and your book, which I am sure will be a source of inspiration to others suffering from cancer or other debilitating diseases. Thanks for visiting my blog too . . .

  4. Dreams are what make life worth living. Chase that dream – wherever it takes you. Don’t give up on it any more than you have on yourself! Life DOES have ways of throwing curve balls at you. While, yes, some can kill you – others might just be opening holes in the fabric of life to a passageway you never expected to be there.

  5. Good for you! Don’t let anything stop you, or anyone tell you that you can’t do it. I am sure that after all that you have been through you are fearless. Go for the book, it will be awesome! ❤

  6. Best wishes for you !!! Many people are publishing on Amazon these days. You can downlooad a packet of info that lists the requirements. There are people who have started by selling chapters, just chapters and after 3 chapters, then people buy the whole book. I know people who have published this way instead of the traditional route. They are pleased. More people are reading via digital devices these days…good luck :))

  7. I am excited for you! What an accomplishment to write a book. Be sure to tell us when you have it published. Dare to dream and soar to new heights – write to your hearts content!

  8. You are such an inspiration! A book in your words sounds wonderful and could really have an impact on others that have lost hope for various reasons. Please keep us posted!


  9. Today, I got an email saying you thought my blog Camping is in my Blood was awesome…may i ask how you came about reading it…I just spent the last hour or so reading some of your blogs…and I will follow you now…and find out more about your battle with cancer etc..I have been blogging only since this past spring …I love it but it is hard to attract people to follow you…then I was without internet over the summer (doing my camp host duties) so yesterdays blog was the first since spring. I have tried give aways and want to do another one for October ( a granny square afghan) do you have any suggestions of how to attract followers or does it just happen on its own over time?
    thanks for finding my blog and keep following and keep blogging…its a great past time

  10. You’re incredible, a tonic all wrapped up and creating positivity all around you, may your journey continue to bring happiness and health your way. Thank you for visiting my blog, so that I was led to yours.( Between you and me, the best yet!)

  11. Girl, you rock for sure–amazing and I just literally published my first book to Kindle..it should be up in 48 hours! I am super excited, so write that book, put everything down that is in your heart and soul, hold nothing back…we are all here for each other! If you are looking for good, healthy, cancer-fighting recipes–check out Dan the Man–The Life Regenerator on his YouTube channel. I know this man personally and follow the raw food lifestyle–never felt better in my life! Blessings to you! Wendy

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog, what-matters-most.com as I see you are finding your own solution and path through your blessed life and the gifts, blessings on this blog and inside of you.
    As a therapist who has worked with numerous cancer survivors, (pre/post/fighting for their lives), I find your words healing, refreshing and full of wonderful comments from many…I will pass your blog along to them. Blessed be!

  13. Great dream! Great news! You have inspired me this morning. Yes, it’s hard to write. Yes, it’s hard to get published. Yes, it’s hard to get traffic to your blog. . . . So what?! You of all people have proven that the difficult is worth doing. Thank you.

    Keep taking good care of yourself – book writing included.

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog again Anna. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. And that at least some of the computer issues seem to have sorted themselves out! Who needs that kind of thing? Keep writing – keep inspiring! I’m convinced you’ll publish your book.

  15. this is my 2nd comment..guess the first one is awaiting moderation…but i wanted to share a quote i saw on a health food restaurants website in Naples Florida

    “what we eat and drink is either feeding or fighting a disease” I thought that was an excellent thought to think about everything we put in our mouths.

    I ll catch up on your blog shortly…i hope you continue to follow mine as well… please keep taking good care of yourself and that may include keeping your doctor appointments (smile)

  16. Thank you for your ‘Like.’ Thank you for your courage, your blog, your information, your imagination and your inspiration. There are quite a bit of ‘I should’s’ lurking in my shadows. But I don’t want anything to be found. I just had a friend who was ‘treated’ to testing and surgery for ‘zero’ stage cancer. Instead of perhaps alternate methods which could have kept their body whole. I’m all for bad parts being removed when they have to be. But I think there is way to much unnecessary ‘doctoring’ going on. I also had a cousin who put the brakes on their treatment saying that ‘enough was enough.’ Unfortunately they are no longer with us. Sometimes the ‘aggressor’ needs medical intervention. Please do what you feel is best…and maybe even get that check up.

    Again thank you for your spirit and compassion. May my healing thoughts reach you and help in what ever small way they can. Peace.

  17. Hi, I’m so happy I found you. I like reading your blog. You are an amazing person. I just want to tell you that you can publish your book for yourself with your blog and Paypal it’s more than enough. Another blogger I read had pre-sale her book and sold 28 thousand copies so far. You do not need publishers, you have Internet. Thanks for being strong. Xo.

  18. Hi Anna, thank you for reading my blog. You have a wonderful positive attitude and with that you will go far. Writing has always been important to me. I write fiction but it still helps me to cope with the ups and downs of life. Someday I’ll write my memoirs and I think it’s something everyone should do even if they never plan to publish it. Just don’t let anyone ever tell you, you are wasting your time. Doing what you need to do, want to do or love to do is never a waste of time.

  19. Just popped in and love your blog. Isn’t it funny how quick certain people are to tell you the 5000
    different reasons in alphabetically order why you shouldn’t do something. Fast forward and the same people are at the book launch saying I knew you could do it. LOL!

  20. Fastballs can kill you and so can falling masonry – anyone who has lived in NYC knows about the masonry. And whatever about writing and releasing your book being hard. What isn’t? If you want help getting your book out, let me know and I’d be happy to help!

  21. The light radiating from you is blinding!:-) You are a perfect example of
    Matthew 5:16 NIV: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. ”
    You have inspired me to pay more attention to what I eat ( especially cutting down on the sugar) and start breathing deeper (exercise). It always amazes me how God can use our experiences when we feel the most vulnerable to teach the best lessons. Thank you for cooperating with Him and sharing your journey. May God continue to bless you with strength, insight, inspiration, revelation, assurance and His love.

  22. Hey,

    Really liked your enthusiasm and positive attitude. Really good. Best wishes with the book you are gonna write. Let’s hope and pray that you dream comes true and it will. I too believe in miracles 🙂

  23. I also believe in miracles and have a faith that wont be shaken. That is what keeps me from literally losing it as there are nights the pain from Fibromyalgia and all that goes with it is so bad it’s like my body is being pounded on with a hammer. We have to have faith and stay strong, pursue our dreams in spite of it all. You are in my prayers.

  24. Hi oneanna65. Thanks for visiting my blog, and really glad that you liked my illustration! Keep being strong, if only for us… xxx

  25. So glad you are feeling better and have such a wonderful attitude! You’re right, only God knows. Can’t wait to see the book… 😀

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog — best of luck with your book and I hope your pH balances itself out. I am sending some luck your way. Keep writing those publishers.

  27. Thanks for visiting. I’ve lived the cancer battle. My #2 son survived Birkett’s Leukemia, but his cousin, who was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer lost her battle. You have so many more choices when you are over 16 in Canada. You are right about food and pH having everything to do with survival. Keep strong and keep learning 🙂

  28. I love this blog. You have the best attitude and I know that as long as you can hang onto that, you will be fine. I believe it is our obligation to care for our bodies with the best fuel and not fill it with junk. Thank you for liking my blog and bringing me here. Blogging is a whole new world to me, and it’s wonderful. However, I can’t seem to follow you. I’ll try again later.
    Oh, by the way, I am a fiction writer, but if you want help with your book, I’d be happy to oblige. Be warned though, I’m a tough critiquer because it was those people who were brutally honest with me that helped me become a better writer.

  29. I have the same thing happen when replying to comments & with the sign in. Don’t know why for the reply, but I log in and then return to the post I wish to comment on, like this one,and that gets me around the sign up problem. Great to see that your traffic disproves what you’ve been told. Keep on keeping on.

  30. Hi Anna, thanks for visiting my blog yet again. Hope you’re continuing to feel better! It’d be great to see you blogging again, but in all earnest getting my post ‘liked’ by you is just as nice. I hope your book publishing efforts are paying off!

  31. Hi,
    thanks for visiting my Blog and I hope you enjoyed the story. I wish you all the best and I really love your positive way of thinking and writing – you know this is art.
    Best regards from Sydney

  32. ” I believe in miracles. I’m going to keep writing and sending letters to the Publishers. So let me dream…”

    A word of advice… Don’t be stingy when you dream.. 🙂 :).

    I am looking forward to your boooook :)..

  33. You are touching people’s lives with your story. I know because you touch mine. Praying for your complete healing. God bless you. Excited to get hold of your book… soon!

  34. Hi, I found you from Patricia Awapara’s beautiful blogger award post and I am ever so grateful for having done so!! You are truly an inspiration to follow!! Keep on dreaming because dreams tend to come true, courageous lady!!! ((:

  35. Good for you! You’re a survivor! You’re an inspiration. I believe in the importance of the right nutrition too. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for liking some of my poems.

  36. You’re one of the strongest fighter, keep your positive attitude! You’re not alone!
    I felt so lucky that you came to my blog, so I have the chance to read your amazing writing.

  37. hai Anna…. thank you visiting my blog and I should say, you greatly inspire lot many people. I have had family members who have faced this same disease. I can understand, but there is no better healing power than self confidence, positive attitude and a don’t Give up one…Believe me…
    God is with you and that is the strength that you see in yourself…. take care…

  38. You are doing so well and like the others say let us know when you have done your book 🙂 Keep on doing what your doing and I so hope the healing will work and fingers crossed for you but thank you for your words as they are so helpful and touch folks even if you don’t know how much x

  39. i really love your positive attitude! i’ve been striving to eat healthier too.ny farther died of cancer a couple of years ago and my fear is that i would develop cancer too.im gonna follow your blog hoping i could learn more about improving my diet. and yes i do believe that one shouldn’t rely solely on hospitals and drugs.more power to you and keep up your courage and faith!

  40. Thank you for dropping in at my blog often. This is my first time here today and I’m overwhelmed with the love and support you have but I can see why. I would love to share your story with my fans if you would be interested to talk about it. I don’t know how to email you but if you are interested.. you can easily find me. Learning from others in life and listening about others is the best way to understand what a gift life truly is. Cheers Mr.CBB

  41. What I’m about to say may seem very trivial. But it’s clear you keep visiting my blog at nobodysreadingme.wordpress.com

    Since you already have a lot on your plate, I’m touched by this.

    Thank you

  42. I’m sorry, did I get that right, 7,000+ readers?? Man, I must still be green. Thought I was cranking along at a pretty respectable readership of several hundred (may doubles, no doubt). Decided to check the little red flower icon that’s popped up a time or two at the bottom of my posts and found your magic space. Wow. I feel almost like shuttin up. I kinda feel like a silly whiner. You’ve got a message, some help and hope to share around…

    Eh, I don’t need to be too tough on myself – I can do no other ‘thing’, I write about what I do, I write about what I live – with the end goal being connection with other humans… and a good laugh (and if possible, even better – a fantastic meal) along the way. But I’ve only just learned now how interactive this blogging world is, and I am a tad intimidated. Kinda like the first week at a new school. I have no idea whose table I’ll be sitting at in lunch period. And I’m feelin kinda stressed about it.

    So how does a person do it? I mean how does one have a life, a family, a home and an active blogging life? How can one who herself blogs find time enough for sleep, let alone the time to follow other people’s blogs?

    Please, I’d love some insight into how this all works in your life. All joking aside, it makes me feel truly good to see the posts here, and the effect they’re having on so many. Lots of wonderful karma is cooking up in this kitchen. Keep goin, you’re inspiring me too… xoxo

  43. I hope that you are feeling better and that life rewards your kind heart and positive soul. Best of luck in writing your book. Drop me a line if there is anything I can offer that might be helpful. The best to you in all thing! troy

  44. hi there
    thanks for liking my blog or post. I appreciate it very much.
    I haven’t read all your posts yet, but I am positive I’ll like all of them.
    Keep the good spirit up… god bless

  45. You’re right to avoid being radiated again. I beat skin cancer all on my own. The best way to balance your PH and get the nutrients you need is to eat about 80 – 90% fresh fruits and veggies. That’s fresh, not cooked or frozen or canned or anything else. And if you haven’t heard you absolutely have to cut out, out out all gluten. That’s the plant protein found in most grains and their byproducts, like soy sauce, malt, etc. Gluten is the one greatest contributor to free radicals, which are the major cause of cancer. Do this and live! Hang in there! Dave, the Gerontificator.

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