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About my book.

In my Blog under the empty WordPress page “About” – there is 1105 “Likes” and 1500 Comments. :) . I don’t know how this happen…
I wanted to write something about me on that page, but I wasn’t sure how, so I just leaved it alone…
But now – in my Book – I can tell you all “About” me – so you will know where I’m coming from… :) .
Is going to be short Bio of my long, complicated life – most important happenings in my life – the ones that shaped my outlook on life and made me – who I Am now.
I will also take the best pages from my Blog and place in my Book – for those who never read my Blog.
And finally, I’m going to place few pictures of me in the Book, so you can see who is behind this red flower… :) .
I’m going to try to make sense of my Blog. You see, my Blog is a big mess. I was sick and busy, working most of the time – and with my limited English and computer knowledge I’m surprised that I did – what I have done. Of course – with the help of my Angels – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I’m going to keep this Blog the way it is – and keep posting about my life, health and Book progress.
Is going to take me a long time to write this Book – I’m very slow – but I know, I can do it. I’m very persistent. I’m going to work on it every day – writing, rewriting – until is done… This is my plan…

Thank you for visiting.
God Bless!

New Remedy.

I found new remedy for gout – MSM.
I Google: MSM gout treatment – and I found a page: “Gout and MSM” posted by Randi Blair. Like me, he suffered with gout for very long time. Like me, he was trying many remedies, but nothing really worked. Only MSM helped him. He is pain free!!!
And than I Google: MSM cures cancer – and I found post: “How does MSM affect cancer?”
And this what they say: …MSM helps our bodies maintain the proper PH levels and detoxify our body. Cancer can not survive in alkaline body. So adding MSM to your diet will ensure that your body have enough sulfur to fight cancer and other illnesses”… Very interesting! One capsule against cancer and gout!
So I got MSM- made by NOW. I’m going to take one 1000 mg capsule 2 x a day. I’m sure this is going to help!
But actually the best remedy is your support. After reading your comments on my last post – I don’t have any other choice, but only get better… :) ! And I will!!!
You are giving me strength and confidence to go on. THANK YOU!!!
God bless you all.

I’m free!

So here I Am – free at last and very sick.
4 days ago I left my job and moved to my friends house.
And I’m very happy!!!
But I’m very tired and overwhelmed by pain. My gout is getting worse. My all body aches. But the most pain is in my legs and arms. On the Pain Scale from one to ten – I’m on eleven… :) .
I’m trying to rest and organize my stuff. But I’m very slow. Every move hurts.
You know, I’m feeling so lousy now, that I’m not able to work anyway. I’m glad that I quit this job!
Is going to take me some time to recover. But with some deep breathing and determination I shall be better soon. I have to!!!
I have to change my diet again and find some new remedies. So I have to do some research again.
And the most important thing is that there is no more stress for me!!! Nobody is calling: AAAAAAAAAANAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! – anytime I sit down or lay down… :) .

Thank you all for reading
God Bless

Two days to freedom.

Two more days and I’m going to be free! No more stress, Old Ladies. No more work…
I’m going to stay with friends – very nice, clean, intelligent people – in quiet neighborhood. Rent is high, but everything is there, even internet!!! :) !
They work all day, but I won’t be alone. They have 3 dogs and talking parrot. The dogs bark sometimes, but Hey!, after people barking on me for such a long time, dog barking is going to sound like a music to my ears… :) .
I love dogs, cats and all animals. They are nicer than most of the people by whom I was surrounded most of my life.
I love humans too. But some of them I prefer to keep loving from the distance. :) .
So first I’m going to rest, sleep for a week. Than organize my stuff next week. And than start working on my book finally! I’m so happy!
I wish I could stay longer with the Old Lady, save more money and make sure that she have new, good help, but I can’t. My health is in danger. My blood pressure is getting higher and even my gout pain is coming back. I can’t do the job anymore.
And the Old Lady and her family – they all want me to stay – they are acting now like I would be irreplaceable… :) .
That’s funny, two weeks ago I was no good, they wanted to lower my salary.
I’m leaving. I wish them all good luck, but I have to save myself.

Thank you for visit.
God Bless you all

I’m quitting again!

I’m quitting again my new job, but not because I’m quitter ( ? :) ), but because I want to live and inspire some more…
You know, I have been thorough a lot of stress – and now this Old Lady is very annoying… My immune system is coping with too much stress and can’t protect my body from anything else. And my body is telling me: THAT”S ENOUGH!!!
I’m surprised that after ALL I’m basically okay…
So I told the Old Lady that I’m leaving in 2 weeks. She wants me to stay.
But I don’t care anymore. I’m quitting!!!
Kenny Rogers is right: …”You’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em”…
Thanks Kenny! I’m folding’em!!! :) !!!

Thank you for reading.
God Bless us all.

67 more days.

Or less. This job is too much. Too much stress, too much of everything. Old Lady complains all day about everything.
And a week ago we have a family gathering. The Old Lady told everyone that I’m not doing my job, arguing with her and that there is not much work for me to do.
I don’t believed! I was speechless!
Than she told me that I can stay, but she will pay me less money.
I get up, found my voice and I said: “I’m not working one more day for one dollar less. I’m leaving tomorrow!!!” And I left the house. Anyway, it was my half a day off.
I’m not stupid. I know that I’m better and cheaper than average. :) .
When I come back in the evening, she said to me: “Don’t go, I changed my mind. You can stay on the same pay.”
So I said: “Okay.” And I went back to work.
I’m very upset. It was a nasty try to save money.
You see, I need to work little longer – 67 more days – if I can take IT. I need to save some more money. But if I can’t – I will have to be okay with less…
And finally I can get some rest and work on my book in some peaceful, quiet place – without any stress…..
I can’t wait! But I have to. :) .

Thank you all for visiting.

My 67-th Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me! I’m 67 years old! But only when I really think about it. Like today…
Otherwise I look and feel much younger. Even now…
Two years ago – when I started my Blog – I told my friend: “My email address is oneanna65…” And she said: ” You should never tell everyone that you are so old!” So I told her: “Why? What’s wrong with being 65 years old?”.
Two days later I told my other friend: “y email address is oneanna65…” And she said: “So you were born in 1965? ” Well, this was a good one! :) !
I think that if you keep busy, you don’t have the time to get old…
I was very busy all my life – trying to find my Destiny. Going places… Doing this and that… Just to find out that I was in the wrong place… doing the wrong thing…
But I have lived very interesting life. No regrets.
Anyway, how could I know – many years ago – that my Destiny was blogging? In English??? :) !
So, maybe because so much was happening in my life, I didn’t have the time to get old?
And every year – at the beginning of April – I do realize how old I am.
And every year I’m surprised. I check my Birth Certificate. I count: Okay, in 1948 I was one year old, in 1949 I was two, and so on…
Than I look in the mirror… No way, there must be something wrong with those numbers… I think…
Anyway, Happy 67-th Birthday to me!
But only today.
Because tomorrow I’m going to be younger! :) !
God Bless you all.


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