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I’m quitting.

My job only. :) !
It’s been one year since I started this job – live in companion for two older (than me :) ) ladies with dementia – as I wrote a year ago in my post “My life now”.
And I have enough. Enough of being insulted and mistreated. And enough of being paid not enough for all that and hard work.
But I’m glad I did that. I have done one more good deed. And I have discovered again how strong I’m.
I’m leaving on February 9. And do you know how very happy I’m going to be?
First – because I did it.
Second – that I survived it.
And third – that is over! :) !
I’m going to stay with my friend and look for new job. Part time job with full time pay this time. :) .

Too much stress. My blood pressure is very high. This is how I know is time for change.
All I need is some rest and with my Vegan Diet I’m going to be like new in no time.

When is the time to quit SOMETHING you have to quit – or that SOMETHING is going to quit you. And this can be more painful.
I’m so happy! 10 more days and I’m going to be free, starting new, better life!

Thank you for visiting. God Bless you ALL.

Best Award!!!

Ahila [] commented on my post “More Awards”: Anna, I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. Happy Holidays!
Thank you Ahila! This is the best Award!!! Now I’m part of a great Family. There is about 74 million WordPress bloggers in the world.
Hello all my sisters and brothers! Love you all!

[Anyway, I think that we are all related. Because I think that we come from one God.
So what about Big Bang Theory? Yeah, there was a Big Bang - God clapped his hands - He was very happy about his thoughts: creating you, me, everyone else and everything... :) .
I don't believe, that any Big Bang, or Small Bang can happen by itself. :) .]

Huge Cyber Hug to my great Family! Love you all!
God Bless you all!

Blog of the Year 2013 Award!!!

That’s awesome! Second year a row my Blog got nominated for Blog of the Year Award!

Thank you Belsbror!!! –

And that means that we are alive and doing good – Me and my Blog.

Me – thanks to your support and well wishes – I don’t have other choice – I have to be good. :) .

And Blog – thanks to my 3 Angels who are helping to write it.

And as I mentioned before ( DITTO ) all the Awards belong to the Angels… And they are singing: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! AND HAPPINESS TO ALL!!!

God Bless you all! Oneanna65

Happy 2014!!!

We all know what happiness is: “State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”.
But I like it better the way Henry Ward Beecher explained happiness: “The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things”. So I’m an artist. Happy artist! :) ! – because I’m happy without any special reason… Maybe not so extremely happy – like jumping all over… Ouch! :) . On the happiness scale 1-10 I am on 7. That’s very happy!
I’m happy that I can be happy without any special reason. :) .
I’m happy I am me – Oneanna65. :) .
And so on and on…..
And I wish that everyone can find happiness in this New Year! Happy New Year!!!God Bless You All!


More Awards!!!

Colleen commented on my post “More Ditto” – I have nominated you for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Thank you Colleen!!! [].

And Steven 1111 commented on my post “About” – I have just nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you Steven!!! [http://gardeningingreenwood].

And I have to say more “DITTO”.
You see, all the Awards belong to my 3 Angels who are helping me to write this Blog. Myself – I can not write! Not in English. Not in any other language. I’m not a writer. Period!
But because I have this great desire to help others, the Angels are helping. Amazing! [ You see, when the Doctor told me 3 years ago that I have a tumor the size of a golf ball in the middle of my chest - I was sure that I'm going to die soon. So I told God: "It is all up to you, but if I'm going to survive this, I want to do something meaningful - and you have to help me... And here I'm - writing with Angels help, very slowly, clumsily - but hey! - you know what I mean! :) ! ].

Happy Holidays to ALL! And my 3 Angels are singing – THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Giving thanks.

First of all I’m thankful that I’m alive and that I’m feeling better than I was one year ago – thanks to the special diet and Herbal Remedies – and without any Doctors help. And I’m Living Proof that I’m doing okay with all that stuff… :) !
And I’m thankful for what I have and thankful that I don’t have what I don’t – because I have all what I need NOW… :) !
And – of course – I’m very thankful for my 3 Angels. I was nobody. But with their help I become Oneanna65.
And I’m very thankful for your support – all the “likes” and comments. You are all my inspiration – you give me strength and confidence to go on. And in exchange I put little love and best wishes in every “like”… That’s all I can do right now…
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you all.

T.G. is on!

My Blog is on! Thanks God!
For 2 days very strange things were happening to my Blog. It was signing itself off. So I have to “sign in” again and again… And then I got the message that someone was trying to change my PASSWORD! Oh no!!!!! So I have to call one of my Angels and ask for help and I was able to change my password myself – just in time… And then everything stop. So now I can keep blogging again! Thank you Angel!!!
And I want to thank WordPress for keeping my blog site on. You guys are awesome! The best! And FREE!
And I want to thank Hostgator for terminating the service to my blog site. I want to apologize for this misunderstanding. It wasn’t all my fault, you know…
But I should have been more careful whom I’m trusting. This all incident only messed up my blog and it was very stressful experience for me. And we all know that stress can kill. Well, I have survived that one too. I’m strong!
You see, some people can never get it that they can be wrong. They will be calling again and again and keep telling you the same and the same. So you tell them: “Enough! Go with the God!” And if you keep to ignore them, they will become to be your enemy and try to destroy you and whatever you care about…
The Bible says: “… your enemies….. and pray for them…..”
Yes, I love that enemy of mine, but I prefer to love it from the distance. :) !!! And I don’t want to waste the rest of my life trying to explain myself to anyone. God knows my intentions. This what is important.
And I pray for some good fortune to happen to that enemy of mine so that IT will become very busy with it and leave me and my blog alone. Amen!

God Bless you all! Oneanna65


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