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About pain and writing.

July 22, 2014

They say writing can be painfully hard. I agree. And I will add: Especially if you have gout. Ouch! :) !
I’m right handed. My right hand hurts from writing and gout related inflammation. Is all swollen.
So I google: “Painful writing” and found some uplifting info.
First of all – they say that most of the writers have some pain in their hand and wrist from writing, even if they are healthy. So I’m feeling little bit better. I’m not suffering alone.
And there is some more:
Roger Angell, writer and editor for “The New Yorker” said: “Writing is hard even for authors who do it all the time”.
Well, I thought that only I have a problem. Thank you Roger!
And Elmore Leonard, American novelist said: “I try to leave out the parts that people skip”.
I think this is brilliant! Thanks Elmore! This can save me lots of pain. :) !!!
And what about a writers block?
My favorite poet and writer Oscar Wilde said it best: “I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back in again.
I love it!
To save my time I didn’t put any punctuation marks in my 4 poems… :) !!!
And there is a different kind of writers pain – writing about painful memories…
Yes, memory of pain hurts.
So I’m shedding a tear or two and I’m thinking: It is all going with the wind…
Or as French will say it: It is PASSE COMPOSE = an action completed in the past.
And life goes on.

Thank you all for visiting.
God bless you all.

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  1. Thank you so much for the humor…and the perspective not to take it all so seriously! Blessings!

  2. That’s really brilliant… do you know what parts people skip? All between “hi” and “bye”? :o)
    I had this pain while writing too, thought it’s just a “mouse hand” or “mouse fingers” sadly the dogtor said that’s a rheumatoid arthritis… hope he is wrong :o(

  3. Physical pain, I can handle. Some deep heat cream, and I ignore it. Its mental pain thats harder to deal with! Keep going & stay strong! x

  4. I’ve been a writer for much of my life and it feels like writing actually gets more painful as life goes on.

  5. your battle with gout is surely exhausting. i hope that you find your way back to wellness soon.

    thanks for the quotes; it’s always nice to be reminded that even ‘the best’ confess to their struggles toward excellence. the most important part is to show up and to move forward, then at the end of each day look back and see where we made progress.

    yesterday i wrestled with palm thatch and made a covered entrance over the gates to my house. as the sun set and the darkness approached, i was on a ladder while mosquitoes attacked my legs, but i was determined to secure the final section of the roof. returning inside, i was covered with dirt and debris from the dried thatch. my muscles ached from wrestling the panels to the top, and my hands hurt from twisting the wires to hold everything in place. but i felt alive and i was surely proud of what i’d done with the day! i was almost too tired to eat or drink and just wanted to get clean and collapse…. ah, but i felt alive!!!

    writing can be a catharsis, and at times we question those tears, but later we realize that purging them was important to moving forward.

    thanks for keeping us informed on what’s happening in your life. i hope that your gout pain ends soon.


  6. Gout – ugh, how I hate it. Cheers to humorously working past it!

  7. Always nice to know your not the only one!

  8. I have rheumatoid arthritis and holding a writing instrument is extremely painful. Fortunately, I am a fast typist and the constant movement across the keyboard is a form of exercise that keeps my fingers from locking. Yet, writing is hard, not the physical pain, but the emotional pain of not feeling good enough even though you have a strong desire to write your own story. I enjoy following your blog.

  9. I enjoyed reading this — thought I’d say so since your LIKE button won’t appear. I have gout in my thumbs, so had to give up knitting, but can still type with no problem.
    Thanks for visiting my blogs and for the Like on my poem.

  10. writing is tough wrists pain while writing, mind flicks in different directions while thinking but the joy of finishing writing is always great. loved your different writings.

  11. I really enjoyed reading this post! The pain of writing in it’s many forms are both physical and mental, however the rewards are tenfold, especially for your readers who benefit from your admirable humour in the face of adversity!

  12. Sorry about the gout. I’ve had a few run ins with it so I sympathize. Thanks for the tips on the pain of writing. I think it does help to know we’re not floundering about on our own. Many thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.

  13. Thank you for all of your words. You constantly remind me of the things I should be thinking of, and to release the rest. I’ll say a prayer for your physical pain, I know you will handle the rest with grace.

  14. That was great, I enjoy your perspective, and especially liked the “Try to leave out the parts that people skip” – I don’t skip any of yours!

  15. I think it was Abraham Lincoln that said “Anyone can write a three-hour speech. But it takes a skilled writer to keep a speech down to three minutes.”

    Thanks for sharing,


  16. Love that Oscar Wilde quote… It can be soooo true.
    Sending love… Hope you feel better..

  17. Brilliant post! Hoping that gout gets OUT!

  18. emmpathy of the big kind! liked your post

  19. Wonderful quotes. I think writing can be painful and joyful.

  20. It really is interesting how pain and writing, or any form of art for that matter, are so connected. It does not matter if it is physical or emotional, pain is tough, but like you said, you are not suffering alone. That idea makes me feel kind of okay when thinking about anxiety or panic, knowing that others go through it as well. Great read :)

  21. Anna–how are you? Long time, no post.

  22. Love this post! Right on point. Yes, I’m feeling pain not only in my wrists, but just about everywhere! Ah yes, I try to write mostly without punctuation. That helps a lot!

  23. I have chronic pain from cancer treatment 11years ago still, but writing has become a way to forget the pain for a while. My wrist hurts a lot from time but I brought a simple wrist brace and it help with the pain I feel from time to time.

    hugs, Crystal

  24. hope you are doing better!

  25. I have just been doing a little research on what foods to eat to relieve joint pain, and I noticed Celery and celery seed and also, parsley, as a pain reliever for gout and joint pain. In addition, something I didn’t really comprehend before is that sugar causes inflammation and will make your joints painful. So, I am on a mission to cut down on sugar, even fruit …putting less fruit in my juices.
    I also have pain from typing, sitting, walking, just about everything… so I feel your pain, so to speak. I hope you get a handle on it, but the good news is that changes in diet have definitely been shown to make gout manageable.
    Good luck

  26. It was nice to see you back at sciencesprings. Your responses were missed. Thanks.

  27. Love the quotes you interjected into your writing! LOL Especially the one about “leaving out the parts that people skip!” LOL Your writer’s voice has a sense of humor…I am definite about it now! LOL

  28. Oh, I remembered reading in your ABOUT (I do believe it was there that I read it)…you wrote how you felt like people would “laugh” at your voice…did you ever think maybe that they ENJOY your sense of humor? That you make them happy and that is WHY they are laughing? They probably are NOT laughing AT you at all! Just reading your blog entries has made me SMILE much…and I bet that it is your HUMOR that brings out the smile in them! Do you know WHY I know this??? Because I always thought the same as you about this matter and about myself. Now I realize I am funny! and it is OKAY….YOU are such a charming person! I suppose you live in some faraway kingdom like San Francisco or New York, and I live in the countryside of Wisconsin. IF you lived near, I would invite you over for tea/coffee and we could laugh and talk some moments away!

  29. Thanks for the enlightenment. Whenever I can’t find the ‘right’ or exact words to express my emotions, I feel like I’m going dumb… But after reading your article, I feel so much better. :)

  30. Lol this made me laugh, love it! :)

  31. I agree with the person above that your encouragement by liking other posts is appreciated. To me, it is an indication that a person may have some similar ideas. Since much of my writing is to try to find that connection, I follow it back and take a look. I am glad I did. I choose to comment on this post because it contains some writing thoughts I am going to share with a writing group I am in. So many times we get discouraged by the “pain” in whatever form it takes that keeps us from writing. We all find a little more healing when we relate in honesty with each other.

  32. Love all the comments. I too have pain in my fingers, haven’t worn rings for a couple of years now.

  33. This is wonderful. I too have trouble with my hands sometimes. I’m a writer as well. When I was working and sometimes (rarely; I made sure of that) after 10 hours the palm of my hand would cramp like an alarm clock going off. With Fibromyalgia, sometimes my hands shake so hard that it’s difficult to type. Sometimes I even have to hunt and peck with my index finger. Bother. But we’re alive, and we’re writing!

  34. Your post about writing helped me smile today. Thank you

  35. Elaine- permalink

    i got a ‘widow’s hump’ from bending over and writing my first novel too fast and constant… i did end up with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands but a water fast cured that, joel furhman has a book on the subject, it was 8 days long and i’ll never do that again, but i’m glad i did it :)

  36. Hi, Anna. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I really enjoyed this one on pain and writing, especially the bit on Wilde and the comma. Soooo incredibly true!

    I wrote a post not too long ago on dealing with pain via golden milk. It’s made with turmeric, and my friend, S, was virtually cured of pain by drinking it daily. Maybe it would work for you. Here’s the link:

    All the best!

  37. I am greatly honored to have you follow me! As a newbie blogger, I was so excited to see I had 4 comments and a follower. I was so encouraged I wrote my second blog last night and posted it this morning. I read some of yours and I certainly understand mental and physical pain and have struggled with both. My mental health is much better than physical. I too have arthritis and hand pain. I find an iPad is easy on the joints and have been able to use it without aggravation. I have written and journaled for years as a way to survive anxiety and stress .Writing is such a catharsis, it is good to be starting this new journey. Thanks again for following!

  38. I am a cancer survivor, so I certainly understand the concerns of someone facing the problem and the choices. I am also an arthritis sufferer–or at least I was for over 35 years. the pain had gotten bad enough to add a mild pain med–gabapentin a couple years ago. But 15 months ago I discovered a new diet that has pretty much eliminated my arthritis pain–I no longer need to take any NSAIDs or the gabapentin. The success of the diet inspired me to write a book–The Oil-Change Diet. The book is part diet book, part cookbook and explains the biochemistry behind the diet. I promise you this diet does reduce pain.

  39. Great writing. Thank you for sharing. I am praying for your healing. Thank you for stopping by and liking my latest post!

  40. Thank you so much for liking my blog and allowing me to find this. Your optimism is inspiring, and I love your sense of humor. Good luck!

  41. Outstanding! Smiled. :-(

  42. Oops I meant :-)

  43. Rachael Charmley permalink

    I so understand. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, and we do so many creative things with these precious instruments. But we always find a way :-)

  44. Keep writing and keep going. You are so much more than whatever your body throws at you (I have to believe that or else I’m in big trouble myself).

  45. I literally feel your pain! I hope you become pain-free in mind and body.

  46. Peanuts can cause gout very easily.

    • I am dealing with trying to balance foods bad for gout and bad for Type II diabetes and most of the diets are pretty well opposed. It’s been hard.

  47. Thank you for liking HORSE LATITUDES! I really appreciate it. I am a cancer survivor of 2 1/2 years and have pain issues as well – arthritis. I’m a writer as well and understand completely about moving through things that work to keep us still. Peace.

  48. Great post! Funny. Inspiring. Thank you! :)

  49. thats really so nice

  50. Loved this. Glad your pain is not shutting you down. Thanks for liking my stuff and following me.

  51. Couldn’t agree more. Especially about the comma. Meanwhile: Try celery seed tea, and cherry juice (if you can get some without petroleum distillates in it) for the gout. They help the system get rid of the acids. Cheerio!

  52. Reblogged this on Random Thoughts and commented:
    Inspiring words for those in pain

  53. So love this!!

    And thank you very much for visiting my blog and liking today’s post, I appreciate it as a new blogger.

    Blessings to you!

  54. I know what you mean. My fingers are numb from arthrites and I am awkward using the computer. But we keep trying. ove your logo

  55. Thanks for liking my blog oneanna, I’d like everyone to know what Australia is doing to its unique species..the Emu is our national Emblem but look how we treat it!

  56. thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me :) i really enjoyed reading your blog too :) God bless

  57. But it’s all worth it when you have finished a story or book. Thanks for liking my “Elysian Fields” blog. Want to read more? See “Meow’s Way” at

  58. Good God you’re a star. My father had massive radical colo-rectal cancer surgically removed, but the Essiac and other cures had reduced the size of his tumor, and made it such a loose gelatin-like thing that another three weeks would have probably seen it pass. Anyway, he’s 87 and had surgery at age 65. Hated his colostomy bag at first, loves being alive today though.

  59. dakinidancing permalink

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I really valued reading your words. Thanks for your own courageous shadings; I hope to hear more from you in the future

  60. Awwe… well it is never fun but as the saying goes “no pain no gain” it’s fun to have our thoughts down on paper for future review…

  61. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking one of my posts. I pray you will come again some time. Blessings, Natalie :)

  62. Great quotes in there. Love Oscar Wilde. I often remove and put back. Write through your pain.

  63. You made me giggle today! Anyone who can do that is a good writer! Keep it up!

  64. I especially like the Oscar Wilde quote!

  65. I tie myself in knots revising and editing my work – and that’s painful enough without physical pain too! Well done for persevering.

  66. I suffer from Chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia. I understand pain!

  67. I have trigger finger (yup that’s what it’s called) and it’s not related to guns at all. I have it in 3 fingers and both my thumbs. I use a speech recognition program that came with Windows 8. At first, using the speech recognition program was more painful than the trigger finger, but now it’s okay though I still only use it for writing long documents.

  68. I enjoyed reading this post thank you. And thank you for dropping by my blog for a fleeting visit, you are always welcome. :-)

  69. writing is also a form of maintaining or getting back your passion. One fact is that you are making your thoughts eternal !! Keep blogging :)

  70. I see from the many comments you received that this piece resonates with many. I am also a writer coming to terms with the added challenge of writing with a chronic inflammatory condition. Thank you for the insights and, when things get hard, take solace in not being alone with this problem!

  71. I enjoyed this and definitely related to the pain on all levels. ..the physical part is thanks to having survived 70 years. I’d heard that story about Wilde before but didn’t know where it came from. Ah, the pain of editing.

  72. Pretty much sums up all the stuff writers face every day. Nice post!

  73. Yes, its true writing can be painful on many levels but I feel thats a belief we need to change in this new millenium. Thanks for liking my posts

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